Amber Yanovich Photography: Blog en-us (C) Amber Yanovich Photography (Amber Yanovich Photography) Mon, 16 Oct 2017 03:13:00 GMT Mon, 16 Oct 2017 03:13:00 GMT Amber Yanovich Photography: Blog 86 120 Phil & Kristy | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Tecumseh Wedding @ The Landing Phil and Kristy couldn't have been a better personality fit for me as ideal wedding clients if they tried. 

Their wedding day started off on a great foot when we meet up for on the Indian Trails Park Path to do their bride/bridal party & groom/groomsmen shots, rain was threating in the forecast but we had hoped to miss most of it until after the ceremony.  But, by the time we were starting with the groom and his groomsmen grey skies were rolling in and soon we were rained out by a seriously heavy downpour, despite the fact that I brought enough umbrellas for the wedding party. 

So the thing about rain, it's really NOT GREAT when you've planned an outdoor wedding that is supposed to start in 10 minutes!  After it was apparent that the rain just wasn't going to let up, they decided to do a quick bit of rearranging and the ceremony was moved from the outdoor area to the reception hall inside The Landing.  These two handled it like champs,  while my assistant and I hurried to set up our lighting for indoor photos, and the people of The Landing got set up for an indoor ceremony.  Other than the few minutes of "oh no, what are we going to do" everything flowed just like it was supposed to have happened that way. 

We were able to sneak back outside shortly after their ceremony ended for some wedding party shots under the covered awning area and when the rain finally let up we headed out into the yard to finish up.  The rest of their evening went on without a hitch with plenty of laughing and dancing.  Such a great time celebrating these two as they started their new life as husband and wife! 

Pinter Wedding-7Pinter Wedding-7 Pinter Wedding-8Pinter Wedding-8 Pinter Wedding-12Pinter Wedding-12 Pinter Wedding-18Pinter Wedding-18 Pinter Wedding-20Pinter Wedding-20 Pinter Wedding-24Pinter Wedding-24 Pinter Wedding-31Pinter Wedding-31 Pinter Wedding-36Pinter Wedding-36 Pinter Wedding-53Pinter Wedding-53 Pinter Wedding-43Pinter Wedding-43 Pinter Wedding-50Pinter Wedding-50 Pinter Wedding-59Pinter Wedding-59 Pinter Wedding-64Pinter Wedding-64 Pinter Wedding-68Pinter Wedding-68 Pinter Wedding-73Pinter Wedding-73 Pinter Wedding-75Pinter Wedding-75 Pinter Wedding-89Pinter Wedding-89 Pinter Wedding-98Pinter Wedding-98 Pinter Wedding-102Pinter Wedding-102 Pinter Wedding-101Pinter Wedding-101 Pinter Wedding-107Pinter Wedding-107 Pinter Wedding-135Pinter Wedding-135 Pinter Wedding-139Pinter Wedding-139 Pinter Wedding-141Pinter Wedding-141 Pinter Wedding-153Pinter Wedding-153 Pinter Wedding-159Pinter Wedding-159 Pinter Wedding-165Pinter Wedding-165 Pinter Wedding-171Pinter Wedding-171 Pinter Wedding-187Pinter Wedding-187 Pinter Wedding-190Pinter Wedding-190 Pinter Wedding-192Pinter Wedding-192 Pinter Wedding-193Pinter Wedding-193 Pinter Wedding-196Pinter Wedding-196 Pinter Wedding-202Pinter Wedding-202 Pinter Wedding-206Pinter Wedding-206 Pinter Wedding-211Pinter Wedding-211 Pinter Wedding-218Pinter Wedding-218 Pinter Wedding-221Pinter Wedding-221 Pinter Wedding-231Pinter Wedding-231 Pinter Wedding-242Pinter Wedding-242 Pinter Wedding-238Pinter Wedding-238 Pinter Wedding-246Pinter Wedding-246 Pinter Wedding-248Pinter Wedding-248 Pinter Wedding-251Pinter Wedding-251 Pinter Wedding-258Pinter Wedding-258 Pinter Wedding-271Pinter Wedding-271 Pinter Wedding-289Pinter Wedding-289 Pinter Wedding-295Pinter Wedding-295 Pinter Wedding-303Pinter Wedding-303 Pinter Wedding-306Pinter Wedding-306 Pinter Wedding-312Pinter Wedding-312 Pinter Wedding-319Pinter Wedding-319 Pinter Wedding-327Pinter Wedding-327 Pinter Wedding-334Pinter Wedding-334 Pinter Wedding-339Pinter Wedding-339 Pinter Wedding-342Pinter Wedding-342 Pinter Wedding-359Pinter Wedding-359 Pinter Wedding-363Pinter Wedding-363 Pinter Wedding-427Pinter Wedding-427 Pinter Wedding-434Pinter Wedding-434 Pinter Wedding-440Pinter Wedding-440 Pinter Wedding-454Pinter Wedding-454 Pinter Wedding-467Pinter Wedding-467 Pinter Wedding-496Pinter Wedding-496 Pinter Wedding-493Pinter Wedding-493 Pinter Wedding-506Pinter Wedding-506 Pinter Wedding-525Pinter Wedding-525 Pinter Wedding-539Pinter Wedding-539 Pinter Wedding-553Pinter Wedding-553 Pinter Wedding-574Pinter Wedding-574 Pinter Wedding-569Pinter Wedding-569 Pinter Wedding-623Pinter Wedding-623 Pinter Wedding-632Pinter Wedding-632 Pinter Wedding-640Pinter Wedding-640 Pinter Wedding-645Pinter Wedding-645 Pinter Wedding-684Pinter Wedding-684

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Aiden | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Firefighter Cake Smash Session I was so excited when Aiden's mommy let me know she was planning on a Firefighter cake smash theme AND that we'd get to do them at the fire station.   Aiden comes from a firefighter family with plenty of real-life heroes to look up to.  From the looks of how much he enjoyed being at the fire station, you're probably looking at one of the next generation of Firefighter.  Aiden was into making a mess of that cake, and his cousin just couldn't wait to have her turn at it!  Check out all this cuteness.


Aiden Cake Smash-8Aiden Cake Smash-8 Aiden Cake Smash-3Aiden Cake Smash-3 Aiden Cake Smash-11Aiden Cake Smash-11 Aiden Cake Smash-14Aiden Cake Smash-14 Aiden Cake Smash-15Aiden Cake Smash-15 Aiden Cake Smash-18Aiden Cake Smash-18 Aiden Cake Smash-21Aiden Cake Smash-21 Aiden Cake Smash-23Aiden Cake Smash-23 Aiden Cake Smash-24Aiden Cake Smash-24 Aiden Cake Smash-29Aiden Cake Smash-29 Aiden Cake Smash-34Aiden Cake Smash-34 Aiden Cake Smash-35Aiden Cake Smash-35 Aiden Cake Smash-39Aiden Cake Smash-39 Aiden Cake Smash-42Aiden Cake Smash-42 Aiden Cake Smash-44Aiden Cake Smash-44 Aiden Cake Smash-45Aiden Cake Smash-45 Aiden Cake Smash-43Aiden Cake Smash-43 Aiden Cake Smash-47Aiden Cake Smash-47 Aiden Cake Smash-55Aiden Cake Smash-55 Aiden Cake Smash-58Aiden Cake Smash-58 Aiden Cake Smash-57Aiden Cake Smash-57 Aiden Cake Smash-53Aiden Cake Smash-53

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Michelle | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | High School Senior Session We had a few scheduling conflicts with Michelle's senior session and resulted in going from a winter session in the city to a spring session in the park.  While it was a bit damp and chilly that morning and I made her walk across the very wet grass in flip-flops to start her morning, Michelle rocked her session, frozen toes and all.  Such a fabulous personality, you can see how fun she was just by that big smile and how playful her images are!  I keep thinking that I may stop offering senior portrait sessions in 2018 so I can focus more on what I love.  I've gotten so busy with other sessions, two kids and a full-time job on top of it all, but then I do one, I love it all over again and I'm just not sure I want to give it up!! 


Michelle Senior Session-2Michelle Senior Session-2 Michelle Senior Session-6Michelle Senior Session-6 Michelle Senior Session-9Michelle Senior Session-9 Michelle Senior Session-10Michelle Senior Session-10 Michelle Senior Session-12Michelle Senior Session-12 Michelle Senior Session-15Michelle Senior Session-15 Michelle Senior Session-17Michelle Senior Session-17 Michelle Senior Session-18Michelle Senior Session-18 Michelle Senior Session-25Michelle Senior Session-25 Michelle Senior Session-33Michelle Senior Session-33 Michelle Senior Session-39Michelle Senior Session-39 Michelle Senior Session-45Michelle Senior Session-45 Michelle Senior Session-47Michelle Senior Session-47 Michelle Senior Session-51Michelle Senior Session-51 Michelle Senior Session-52Michelle Senior Session-52 Michelle Senior Session-56Michelle Senior Session-56

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Ella & Madi | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One & Three Year Old Cake Smash Session I love, love, love how cute cake smash sessions always turn out when I collaborate with moms on a combination of mom has some random things we can use along with the random things I have and a backdrop.  I never know exactly how it will look until the day of the session when we set everything all up together, but I have never been disappointed.  Ella and Madi's session was perfectly girly and even though Ella still isn't a huge fan of being in front of the camera she still gave me a few grins...(we worked hard for those!!)  Someday she'll be a fan just like her big sister, I just know it.


Ella Cake Smash-2Ella Cake Smash-2 Ella Cake Smash-5Ella Cake Smash-5 Ella Cake Smash-8Ella Cake Smash-8 Ella Cake Smash-9Ella Cake Smash-9




Ella Cake Smash-10Ella Cake Smash-10 Ella Cake Smash-11Ella Cake Smash-11 Ella Cake Smash-15Ella Cake Smash-15 Ella Cake Smash-13Ella Cake Smash-13 Ella Cake Smash-14Ella Cake Smash-14 Ella Cake Smash-18Ella Cake Smash-18 Ella Cake Smash-28Ella Cake Smash-28 Ella Cake Smash-29Ella Cake Smash-29 Ella Cake Smash-30Ella Cake Smash-30 Ella Cake Smash-31Ella Cake Smash-31 Ella Cake Smash-34Ella Cake Smash-34 Ella Cake Smash-39Ella Cake Smash-39 Ella Cake Smash-40Ella Cake Smash-40 Ella Cake Smash-45Ella Cake Smash-45 ONE three Photo layoutONE three Photo layout

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Matthew | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Cake Smash Session I can't believe how fast this kid grew, I swear!  One week we were doing Matthew's newborn session, then it seemed like no time before we were planning his cake smash!  I loved his baseball theme, so stinking cute and so much fun to pull it all together!!

Matthew 1 year-6Matthew 1 year-6 Matthew 1 year-4Matthew 1 year-4 Matthew 1 year-3Matthew 1 year-3 Matthew 1 year-10Matthew 1 year-10 Matthew 1 year-11Matthew 1 year-11 Matthew 1 year-13Matthew 1 year-13 Matthew 1 year-17Matthew 1 year-17 Matthew 1 year-23Matthew 1 year-23 Matthew 1 year-27Matthew 1 year-27 Matthew 1 year-34Matthew 1 year-34 Matthew 1 year-35Matthew 1 year-35 Matthew 1 year-37Matthew 1 year-37 Matthew 1 year-39Matthew 1 year-39 Matthew 1 year-42Matthew 1 year-42 Matthew 1 year-46Matthew 1 year-46 Matthew 1 year-47Matthew 1 year-47 Matthew 1 year-50Matthew 1 year-50

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Samantha | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Three Month Old Session Samantha is sneaking right up on her six-month session here in July.  I'll never stop saying how crazy fast time goes when it comes to these babies that aren't even my own but seem to age faster than I can blink!  Samantha was just about as serious as any three-month-old could be, I'm talking tough crowd and those smiles that she did sneak out, her momma really worked hard for them!  

I can't wait to see this little lady next month.  Hopefully, she'll find me silly next time, cause those grins are adorable!


Samantha 3mo-2Samantha 3mo-2 Samantha 3mo-5Samantha 3mo-5 Samantha 3mo-10Samantha 3mo-10 Samantha 3mo-18Samantha 3mo-18 Samantha 3mo-20Samantha 3mo-20 Samantha 3mo-23Samantha 3mo-23 Samantha 3mo-26Samantha 3mo-26 Samantha 3mo-28Samantha 3mo-28 Samantha 3mo-32Samantha 3mo-32

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Eliud | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session The baby boy to girl ratio is tipping toward boy for sure this year!  Eliud was a dream baby for his session, sleeping like a champ when it mattered and saving the awake/alert for his lifestyle type of shots with mom and dad.  Check out this perfectly adorable little man!


Eliud Newborn -1Eliud Newborn -1 Eliud Newborn -6Eliud Newborn -6 Eliud Newborn -9Eliud Newborn -9 Eliud Newborn -27Eliud Newborn -27 Eliud Newborn -22Eliud Newborn -22 Eliud Newborn -30Eliud Newborn -30 Eliud Newborn -38Eliud Newborn -38 Eliud Newborn -44Eliud Newborn -44 Eliud Newborn -49Eliud Newborn -49 Eliud Newborn -55Eliud Newborn -55 Eliud Newborn -68Eliud Newborn -68 Eliud Newborn -73Eliud Newborn -73 Eliud Newborn -88Eliud Newborn -88 Eliud Newborn -90Eliud Newborn -90 Eliud Newborn -102Eliud Newborn -102 Eliud Newborn -110Eliud Newborn -110 Eliud Newborn -106Eliud Newborn -106

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Chalfant | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Maternity Announcement One fun thing about doing photography is you get to be a top secret surprise keeper!  I frequently learn of pregnancies, and baby gender long before other people know! :)  I was asked to help the Chalfant family announce their pregnancy around Easter so we gave it a little Easter theme and had fun!  

Chalfant announcement mini-1-2Chalfant announcement mini-1-2 Chalfant announcement mini-1Chalfant announcement mini-1 Chalfant announcement mini-6Chalfant announcement mini-6 Chalfant announcement mini-9Chalfant announcement mini-9 Chalfant announcement mini-16Chalfant announcement mini-16 Chalfant announcement mini-17Chalfant announcement mini-17 Chalfant announcement mini-20Chalfant announcement mini-20 Chalfant announcement mini-21Chalfant announcement mini-21 Chalfant announcement mini-23Chalfant announcement mini-23

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Lochlan | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session One of my favorite things about doing newborn photography is that I frequently get to meet my friends babies before lots of other people get a chance.  Haha, you gotta steal as many of those baby snuggles as you can, when you can!  

My friend and co-worker Kristi had her second "little" boy, Lochlan, in March.  He was so perfectly chunky, I wanted to steal him, just like the rest of those babies.  Lochlan is a "rainbow baby", a rainbow baby is a term used for a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.  Kristi really wanted to capture some images with the rainbow theme, and, I wanted to make sure to keep it on the masculine side After some brainstorming and online shopping we came up with a few really cute ideas, I think!  I just LOVE that blanket that Kristi had made with Lochlan's name.  And, my son loves his new Hotwheels cars, that he immediately tore off my wreath I created for Lochlan's session.   

Check out Lochlan, with his adorable chunky cheeks, and sweet big brother Liam!  


Lochlan newborn-1Lochlan newborn-1 Lochlan newborn-6Lochlan newborn-6 Lochlan newborn-10Lochlan newborn-10 Lochlan newborn-9Lochlan newborn-9 Lochlan newborn-12Lochlan newborn-12 Lochlan newborn-16Lochlan newborn-16 Lochlan newborn-23Lochlan newborn-23 Lochlan newborn-24Lochlan newborn-24 Lochlan newborn-29Lochlan newborn-29 Lochlan newborn-37Lochlan newborn-37 Lochlan newborn-32Lochlan newborn-32 Lochlan newborn-40Lochlan newborn-40 Lochlan newborn-42Lochlan newborn-42 Lochlan newborn-46Lochlan newborn-46 Lochlan newborn-49Lochlan newborn-49 Lochlan newborn-50Lochlan newborn-50

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Bennett | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Boy Session I was so excited when Bennett's mom contacted me to do one year old photos for Bennett.  The first time I met him was at Mott last year, Bennett was born with JMML leukemia and Noonan Syndrome and spent his first few months of life in the hospital.  Very happy to report that Bennett is doing great and was super excited for his 1 year old photos!  Just check this amazing kid out!

A few from Bennett's hospital session last year:

Bennett-2Bennett-2 Bennett-40Bennett-40 Bennett-24Bennett-24


Just look at him now!!!

Bennett One Year-9Bennett One Year-9 Bennett One Year-6Bennett One Year-6 Bennett One Year-12Bennett One Year-12 Bennett One Year-14Bennett One Year-14 Bennett One Year-20Bennett One Year-20 Bennett One Year-30Bennett One Year-30 Bennett One Year-34Bennett One Year-34 Bennett One Year-40Bennett One Year-40 Bennett One Year-45Bennett One Year-45 Bennett One Year-46Bennett One Year-46 Bennett One Year-47Bennett One Year-47 Bennett One Year-26Bennett One Year-26

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Amelia | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Three Month Old Girl Session Another three-month-old, Miss. Amelia, who believes in making people work for it.  I mean she just wasn't going to give up any big grins without seeing some effort on the behalf of mom, dad and I!  I'm sure she'll be all smiles and cuteness for her six-month-old session coming up soon!  It's official though, three-month-olds have thee best hair styles!!  


Amelia 3 months-4Amelia 3 months-4 Amelia 3 months-7Amelia 3 months-7 Amelia 3 months-14Amelia 3 months-14 Amelia 3 months-16Amelia 3 months-16 Amelia 3 months-22Amelia 3 months-22 Amelia 3 months-23Amelia 3 months-23 Amelia 3 months-24Amelia 3 months-24 Amelia 3 months-31Amelia 3 months-31



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Michaela | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Three Month Old Baby Girl Session As we are creeping up on Michaela's six-month-old session this month, it's a good time to blog her three-month-old session!  Just check out this girls hair, the blue eyes, and those dimples!  Agh, how can you not love babies!! She was full of smirks and smiles to show off those little dimples, even with an end of the day session (we all know about those witching hours babies and children have!), she did great, only getting upset when I was disrupting her time to eat.  I can't wait to see how she's grown the past three months!


Michaela 3 mo-3Michaela 3 mo-3 Michaela 3 mo-4Michaela 3 mo-4 Michaela 3 mo-7Michaela 3 mo-7 Michaela 3 mo-9Michaela 3 mo-9 Michaela 3 mo-12Michaela 3 mo-12 Michaela 3 mo-24Michaela 3 mo-24 Michaela 3 mo-25Michaela 3 mo-25 Michaela 3 mo-28Michaela 3 mo-28 Michaela 3 mo-35Michaela 3 mo-35 Michaela 3 mo-31Michaela 3 mo-31 Michaela 3 mo-29Michaela 3 mo-29

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Enzo | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Two Year Old Boy Session I can't believe this guy is already two!  He was just a tiny little baby a couple days ago, and I was talking pregnancy with his mom just a few days before that, I swear!  We played cars and made a great mess for his session, all things that two year old's are really great at! :)  His session happened to fall on daylight savings day, so not only did everyone wake up with a feeling of the loss of an hour, I was kind enough to show up an hour early for Enzo's morning session....OOOPS.  I guess I should triple check my schedule before I set my alarm at night.  Luckily Enzo's parents already know I am crazy and they just went right along with it, after asking me "are you early?".  (Sorry for the extra, extra early start to your day!!!! :) )


Enzo 2-2Enzo 2-2 Enzo 2-3Enzo 2-3 Enzo 2-6Enzo 2-6 Enzo 2-9Enzo 2-9 Enzo 2-11Enzo 2-11 Enzo 2-12Enzo 2-12 Enzo 2-13Enzo 2-13 Enzo 2-15Enzo 2-15 Enzo 2-20Enzo 2-20 Enzo 2-24Enzo 2-24 Enzo 2-27Enzo 2-27 Enzo 2-25Enzo 2-25 Enzo 2-36Enzo 2-36

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Asher | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session Sweet Asher, what a great little sleeper this guy was.  He was my second newborn of the day as I had squeezed in two before I left for vacation.  Asher made my job easier by being so content.  Of course, he was bright eyed for his photos with mom and dad at the end of his session!  Check out some of my favorites from his session:


Asher Newborn-7Asher Newborn-7 Asher Newborn-11Asher Newborn-11 Asher Newborn-15Asher Newborn-15 Asher Newborn-18Asher Newborn-18 Asher Newborn-24Asher Newborn-24 Asher Newborn-29Asher Newborn-29 Asher Newborn-36Asher Newborn-36 Asher Newborn-40Asher Newborn-40 Asher Newborn-45Asher Newborn-45

Asher Newborn-48Asher Newborn-48 Asher Newborn-50Asher Newborn-50 Asher Newborn-56Asher Newborn-56 Asher Newborn-64Asher Newborn-64 Asher Newborn-47Asher Newborn-47

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Landon | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session Since Newborns are unpredictable and we never know when they'll actually decide to be born, sometimes despite trying to space them apart on my calendar with tentative dates, I end up needing to squeeze two babies into one day.  If you've never seen a newborn session, that = one hot sweaty, long day!  I was very lucky and had two excellent babies!  Landon was the first of the day and basically slept like a log the entire time I was there.  Honestly, he was a dream!  And, so incredibly adorable.  I no doubt gushed about those chubby cheeks no less than 1,000 times while I was there.  I kind of wanted to steal him, if it weren't for the fact that I was flying out on a kid free vacation the next morning I may have just picked him up and taken him home.  I'm sure mom and dad wouldn't have let me get away with that.  :)  Check out this cuteness.  


Landon Newborn-86Landon Newborn-86 Landon Newborn-84Landon Newborn-84 Landon Newborn-73Landon Newborn-73 Landon Newborn-72Landon Newborn-72 Landon Newborn-60Landon Newborn-60 Landon Newborn-68Landon Newborn-68 Landon Newborn-54Landon Newborn-54 Landon Newborn-78Landon Newborn-78 Landon Newborn-46Landon Newborn-46 Landon Newborn-41Landon Newborn-41 Landon Newborn-31Landon Newborn-31 Landon Newborn-25Landon Newborn-25 Landon Newborn-82Landon Newborn-82 Landon Newborn-19Landon Newborn-19 Landon Newborn-17Landon Newborn-17 Landon Newborn-66Landon Newborn-66 Landon Newborn-13Landon Newborn-13 Landon Newborn-6Landon Newborn-6

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Kristy & Phil | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Engagement Session Just over a month left until these two tie the knot!  Their engagement session was on the same freakishly warm February day as Aiden's cake smash so we were able to enjoy being outside without red ears and noses!  When I first met these two, last year to talk wedding, they gave me the impression that Phil may be one of 'those guys'.  You know the ones who HATE being in front of a camera, HATE having their picture taken, basically the kind of guy that complains through 90% of wedding photography?...Well, let's just say that wasn't the case at all. As a matter of fact, he may be one of the most comfortable people I've ever had in front of my camera :) Lots of laughs throughout their engagement session!  I am looking forward to celebrating and capturing their wedding day memories next month!!  


Kristy & Phil-2Kristy & Phil-2 Kristy & Phil-18Kristy & Phil-18 Kristy & Phil-6Kristy & Phil-6 Kristy & Phil-8Kristy & Phil-8 Kristy & Phil-9Kristy & Phil-9 Kristy & Phil-12Kristy & Phil-12 Kristy & Phil-14Kristy & Phil-14 Kristy & Phil-21Kristy & Phil-21 Kristy & Phil-22Kristy & Phil-22 Kristy & Phil-35Kristy & Phil-35 Kristy & Phil-23Kristy & Phil-23 Kristy & Phil-26Kristy & Phil-26 Kristy & Phil-34Kristy & Phil-34 Kristy & Phil-28Kristy & Phil-28 Kristy & Phil-30Kristy & Phil-30 Kristy & Phil-39Kristy & Phil-39 Kristy & Phil-33Kristy & Phil-33 Kristy & Phil-41Kristy & Phil-41 Kristy & Phil-38Kristy & Phil-38

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Aiden | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Nine Month Old Boy Session Oh Aiden, you are the squishiest, sweetest little thing.  I mean just look at all those adorable rolls and those giant open mouth smiles!   These were photos from Aiden's nine-month-old session, when it was freakishly warm back in February and we were able to head outside in a tee shirt in Michigan, you won't find me complaining about that!  We've somehow already started planning out his first birthday session coming at the end of the month, which I am super excited about!  How does time go by so fast?!


Aiden 9 months-1Aiden 9 months-1 Aiden 9 months-6Aiden 9 months-6 Aiden 9 months-9Aiden 9 months-9 Aiden 9 months-10Aiden 9 months-10 Aiden 9 months-11Aiden 9 months-11 Aiden 9 months-12Aiden 9 months-12 Aiden 9 months-13Aiden 9 months-13 Aiden 9 months-18Aiden 9 months-18 Aiden 9 months-20Aiden 9 months-20 Aiden 9 months-23Aiden 9 months-23 Aiden 9 months-27Aiden 9 months-27 Aiden 9 months-28Aiden 9 months-28

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Eli | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | In-Home Newborn Boy Session Eli, Sweet adorable Eli.  They were lucky I didn't pack him up with all my stuff and take him home with me.  I loved those light, light blonde eyelashes and his easy going personality.  He did manage to poop right in my hand though...but I suppose his cuteness easily made up for that.  Besides, I'm not much of a girly, girl and after two kids of my own and years of working with animals, a little poop doesn't scare me.

Eli's mommy and daddy had purchased a few great props to use with his session and I just loved what they picked out, especially that little blue striped cap  Eli did amazing for his session, I've really had a run on nice and sleepy babies lately!  (I say that, now you know I'm going to have a run on hard to settle babies!!)


Eli Newborn-11Eli Newborn-11 Eli Newborn-13Eli Newborn-13 Eli Newborn-24Eli Newborn-24 Eli Newborn-32Eli Newborn-32 Eli Newborn-36Eli Newborn-36 Eli Newborn-38Eli Newborn-38 Eli Newborn-44Eli Newborn-44 Eli Newborn-50Eli Newborn-50 Eli Newborn-57Eli Newborn-57 Eli Newborn-59Eli Newborn-59 Eli Newborn-61Eli Newborn-61

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Elliott | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | In-Home Newborn Girl Session Elliott didn't think she wanted to sleep at first when I got there to start her session but as you see she pretty quickly gave into all my baby kryptonite, and a little milk coma.  I'm glad she did cause I brought SOO many props with me and got to use most of them!  She's such a tiny little peanut, I think she was my smallest newborn yet!  I'm happy that my newly made romper fit her cause she looked so cute in it, I was worried it would be too big!

Even big sister Ryan got to get in for a few photos, you can't tell me there is anything cuter than a newborn with their proud new BIG sibling!  We'll get to see Elliott again soon, she's on one of by 1st year baby plans!  I can't wait to see how much she grows!


Elliott Newborn-4Elliott Newborn-4 Elliott Newborn-12Elliott Newborn-12 Elliott Newborn-14Elliott Newborn-14 Elliott Newborn-18Elliott Newborn-18 Elliott Newborn-39Elliott Newborn-39 Elliott Newborn-21Elliott Newborn-21 Elliott Newborn-26Elliott Newborn-26 Elliott Newborn-34Elliott Newborn-34 Elliott Newborn-30Elliott Newborn-30 Elliott Newborn-31Elliott Newborn-31 Elliott Newborn-41Elliott Newborn-41 Elliott Newborn-28Elliott Newborn-28 Elliott Newborn-52Elliott Newborn-52 Elliott Newborn-58Elliott Newborn-58 Elliott Newborn-63Elliott Newborn-63

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Jayce | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Cake Smash Session OMG, what a little ham Jayce was for his session.  I mean, just look at his pictures and tell me that this kid doesn't know how to have a good time!  Look at those smiles!  What a goof.  I loved watching him destroy his cake, even if he used his best smashing at his actual birthday party.  I feel like he was just pooping on everything I owned at his newborn session, and yet, somehow a whole year has happened since then.  (Just to be clear, he didn't poop on anything this time!)  


10x2010x20 Jayce 1 yearJayce 1 year Jayce 1 year-2Jayce 1 year-2 Jayce 1 year-14Jayce 1 year-14 Jayce 1 year-16Jayce 1 year-16 Jayce 1 year-18Jayce 1 year-18 Jayce 1 year-20Jayce 1 year-20 Jayce 1 year-21Jayce 1 year-21 Jayce 1 year-24Jayce 1 year-24 Jayce 1 year-29Jayce 1 year-29 Jayce 1 year-33Jayce 1 year-33 Jayce 1 year-36Jayce 1 year-36 Jayce 1 year-39Jayce 1 year-39

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