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You've probably seen my posts about making sure to book your newborn session early, ideally in the second trimester!  If you are a first time mom, or someone who has never done newborn photos before, you may be thinking, how can I book a session when we don't KNOW when baby will decide to come?  What I typically do is pick a date on my schedule that works for both of us about a week after your due date as a tentative date, if your baby is due during a busy time of year for me, I may choose to pick a back up date a week after the first tentative date also.  The whole reason it's so helpful to book early is because babies don't always come on time, sometimes they even decide to come a little early.  The fact that birth dates are unpredictable and newborn sessions are time consuming makes it all that much more important to think ahead.  

Why do I say newborn sessions are time consuming?  Have you ever tried to pose a newborn?  Sure, they are all cute and sweet when they are asleep, but sometimes getting them to sleep can be a challenge.  And, if they aren't asleep?  Hello startle reflexes, flailing arms and limbs, and newborn tendency to cross eyes when trying to focus on whats around them.  Newborn sessions take more time for planning, I send out questionnaires to each of my newborn moms to get an idea of what kind of colors they like etc. to make the session more personal for them. Prop selection, packing and prep before the session not to mention the up to 4 hour long session, laundry after the session and hours spend editing those sweet images, all need to be taken into account.  I work a full time job in addition to running a photography business so that only leaves me three days a week in which I can shoot sessions.  Already time is limited, then add the fact that a newborn takes approximately half of my day when you factor in that I do newborn sessions in home and have travel time as well, you can see how quickly my schedule can be filled when I have other sessions in addition to newborns.  Weekends are frequently filled weeks in advance.  As much as I hate to turn away newborns (THEY ARE MY FAVORITE AFTER ALL), there are only so many hours in a day (I know I try to squeeze in extra but it never works!).  Booking early for your newborn session doesn't commit you to a specific date (unless your baby comes on schedule, or your are a scheduled cesarean!), it does ensure that I have reserved time blocks on my calendar to make sure that I can squeeze in a newborn session should I have to bump your date up or back.  Most importantly, keep in contact with your photographer to let them know when your baby has arrived or if it looks like baby isn't going to arrive in time for their tentative date.  You don't have to be formal with me, text, facebook message, email or phone call are all fine options of communication.  

When possible, I like to do newborn sessions when baby is under 14 days old.  The older babies get the more time they spend awake and alert which makes sleepy curled up poses more difficult some times.  Frequently when people wait to contact me about newborn sessions until after the birth, the baby is already 1-2 weeks of age, this means by the time I get to them for their newborn session they can sometimes be closer to a month old already!  

Occasionally things happen where we don't get to make the choice of which age we get a baby at.   If you happen to have a baby scheduled who ends up needing to spend some time in the NICU keep in contact with your photographer and try when possible to get your baby scheduled 1-2 weeks after you are cleared to take baby home.    

If it's time to book your newborn session, contact me amberyanovichphoto@gmail.com to get your session scheduled!

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