Unfortunately, there is no simple one-click way to download your files. So I've created a step by step (with photos!!!) instruction guide to help you through the process.  The download process has changed even for those who have used me in the past, as I had issues with people downloading the wrong file and getting an image with watermark instead of the original file. 


So let's get started.  

1. Each type of session includes a preset # of images you can download at no cost.  If you are unsure what your session type included please ask!  From inside your gallery click the BUY button and click Select photos which you would like to be able to download for your personal use.  If you select more images than what is included with your session type the digital files are $10 each, 5 for $45, 10 for $75 or the full image gallery for $110 and you receive printing rights to those images as well.

2017-01-26 (2)2017-01-26 (2)


2. Once you have checked the images you wish to download by clicking on them, scroll back to the top and click the BUY SELECTED button. 

2017-01-26 (3)2017-01-26 (3)


3.  You are going to be taken to the shop homepage, at the top will be a couple package options including the full gallery download option, scroll down to find the DOWNLOADS link, click on Downloads or See More.

2017-01-26 (4)2017-01-26 (4)


4.  There will be options for digital downloads listed.  If you wish to just download the images included with your session fee click the link that states included digital images.  If you are buying additional images but not the full gallery you will have to add them after you select the included files.  If you wish to purchase the full gallery of digital files you can skip selecting the included files and just click on the Full Gallery of Digital files link, which will include ALL images.

2017-01-26 (6)2017-01-26 (6)


5. Click and drag the images you would like included in the package you selected, then click Add to Cart at the bottom of the page.  If you would like to purchase additional digital files you can do so after this step.  If you purchase the full gallery of images it will select all of the images automatically for you will skip this step.

2017-01-26 (21)2017-01-26 (21)


Selected images placed in grey boxes.  (you can click on the tab to see your full gallery or your favorited images if you forgot one or change your mind once you are at this step!) 

2017-01-26 (22)2017-01-26 (22)


6.  Your shopping cart will look like this if you only include the # of images that were included with your session:  If everything looks ok click Proceed to Checkout

2017-01-26 (8)2017-01-26 (8)


Your cart will look something like this (depending on how many you purchase, or if you purchase prints) if you download more than what was included in your gallery.

2017-01-26 (23)2017-01-26 (23)


7. Log in when prompted and fill out your information, click continue checkout.

2017-01-26 (10)2017-01-26 (10)


8. This is the final screen you will see before you place your digital file order.  Make sure to click the Place Order Button if everything looks good.

2017-01-26 (11)2017-01-26 (11)


9.Receipt Screen.  I will approve orders while they come in to prevent orders from being processed that were a mistake, this gives you the chance to send me a quick e-mail if you made a mistake in your ordering.  Once I have approved orders they cannot be changed.  I try to get to these quickly, but please allow up to 24 hours for approval.

2017-01-26 (12)2017-01-26 (12)


10. Once your order is approved you will receive an e-mail that looks like this, click the Download Page link

2017-01-26 (13)2017-01-26 (13)


11.  Click on the DOWNLOAD ALL PURCHASED ITEMS LINK  all files will download to a zip file (you HAVE to extract the files in order to use them)  If you are not a huge computer fan I will walk you through those steps below

2017-01-26 (14)2017-01-26 (14)


12.Depending on the web browser/computer you use, your images should start to download automatically wherever you have designated web downloads to go on your computer.  I use Google Chrome browser and my download ZIP file is shown in the bottom left.  Once the download is complete, double-click to open the zip folder.

2017-01-26 (17)2017-01-26 (17)


13. You'll notice the folder says "compressed"  You'll want to find the button that says Extract All, click that and designate where you'd like your extracted files to go and press Extract.

2017-01-26 (18)2017-01-26 (18)

2017-01-26 (19)2017-01-26 (19)


14. Once the extraction is finished you can open the folder where you saved the extracted files to.  These are non-watermarked high-resolution jpeg. image files.  You'll also notice one text file, that is your print release, please make sure to take this with you if you print through a store they may/should ask for it.  

2017-01-26 (20)2017-01-26 (20)


If you need help please shoot me a message and I will try to walk you through it!