2024 Lake Michigan Beach Sessions


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Skip the summer crowds and join me, just after Labor Day, for Lake Michigan Beach sessions!  The summer crowds should have died down a bit and the weather should still be great.  St. Joseph & Coloma Locations!


Select one of the available times below to book online and reserve your session time! 


After a few requests to bring dogs, I changed the location on Saturday morning to a dog-friendly park, Roadside Beach Park, which is located just 15 minutes up the road from St. Joseph in Coloma.  Roadside beach location will be on Saturday the 7th MORNING ONLY!  Tiscornia Park will be the location for Friday the 6th and Saturday evening on the 7th.  Tiscornia Park allows dogs, BUT only on the sidewalk and pier, they cannot be in the dunes or on the beach.  You are free to book at either spot, dogs or no dogs :)  Tiscornia Park features dunes, a pier, and the St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse.  There are public bathrooms and paid parking (kiosk located near restrooms at the front of parking lot)  Roadside beach is a much smaller and more remote location, parking area is small with an outhouse available, short walk down to the beach.