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Hey hey!

I'm Amber.  30 something mom of two busy kids!  I'm employed full-time as a veterinary technician, animals have always been my favorite.  But, somewhere along the line, my love of photography grew from more than just a hobby into a little side business where I get to help people create memories.  I was always the girl taking a million photos, now it's only gotten worse :)  While I still photograph a little bit of everything, my heart belongs to newborns and babies!  Even after years of photographing newborns I am still continually fascinated by how different they all are, how some babies can come out looking like miniature versions of their parents and others carry every single recessive trait that they could have picked up!  

If I'm not working you'll likely find me having adventures with my kids.  I'm not one to sit at home and chill, zero chill here.  We LOVE to check out museums, play at the trampoline park, hit up a park, go rollerskating, camping, (lots of camping!!), hiking and checking out any new things we can find to try.  Basically, I'm a busy body just trying to make sure my kids also learn to never sit still too long.  Also, tired kids, like puppies, are the best.  I also enjoy refinishing old furniture (most everything in my house is something I picked up super cheap to refinish into exactly what I was looking for), crafting, randomly deciding to start a project in some room of my house, gardening, reading, and long country nature walks with my dog.   My dreams include a quiet country farm life filled with retirement, a menagerie of animals, a warm cup of coffee and a good book to read in the sunshine.




10 random facts 


1. Coffee is my favorite, I remember when I was a young teen asking my dad how the heck he could drink hot coffee on an August day...but Dad I totally get it now, oh do I get it!!  I love coffee but I also love a little cream and flavor syrup..I'm not man enough to drink it black all of the time. 

2. I have a hard time picking my favorite things. Like my favorite color depends on what is going to be that color!  But I typically stick with bright pink, orange or teal.

3. I "read" a lot.  Lately, it's a whole lot of audiobooks since I don't have actual time to sit down with a book but I do spend about 2 hours a day on my commute to/from work.  I'd rather sit with a book or audiobook than TV most days.

4. My favorite food is salad, what else can you eat with so many different variations.  Lasagna comes in second - all about that balance.  (see again, can't just have one favorite thing)

5. I am most definitely what people would call a tomboy.  More accurately a country kid.  I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty, put in a little hard work.  I'll catch a snake for you or maybe pet the stray baby skunks that show up in my yard, clean the animal cages etc.. Just don't ask me to touch a bat cause that's definitely where my line is drawn.

6. I'm a little obsessed with this whole Enneagram personality thing that is popular online.  Do you know your type?  No matter what test I take, I'm a Two, which is accurate!  Check it out!

7. I love to plan vacations.  Like down to silly details like every stop and adventure along the way!  Also, having a vacation always on the horizon keeps going to work every day easier to deal with!

8.  I love all animals, but have always been and always will be a sucker for a cute kitten.  I'll take them all even when I say I'm done with cats.  And then you can add in a dog, and a goat or whatever else...Bring them all to me!!!

9. The house I live in belonged to my Great Grandparents and is where my Grandpa was raised.  I love that it has history and that we can make it ours at the same time.

10. I collect way too many things.  Vintage Pyrex is one of my favorite collections along with sentimental Christmas ornaments!






Jocelyn P.
89d ago

My experience with Amber was outstanding. She was quick to respond, her contract terms are easy to understand, she is flexible, friendly, easy to work with, and her end product is beautiful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others! She is awesome.

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