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LONG time no blogging!  I just thought I'd make a quick post to share what many of you who follow on social media likely already know but if you are new here it may be news to you!  We made a long-time dream come true for 2023 and have moved into our first studio space!!  No more lugging all of my things in and out of my house, in and out of my car, and in and out of client houses hoping to have enough room, the correct flooring or lighting situations, and not having all that I need in one place.  It's a pretty big change and I am so excited about it.  


Studio on Main is located on Main Street in "downtown" Parma, Mi.  If you aren't familiar with Parma our downtown consists of just a couple of streets and a blinking traffic light.  We're pretty hard to miss right across from the library toward the end of Main street.  The studio has TONS of space for us to set up multiple different backdrop sets, I have a dedicated newborn area and there is a dedicated lifestyle photo area.  We have a seating area up front with a coffee bar, and snacks for anyone who needs either.  Lots of storage in the back for ALL the stuff that was overtaking our homes and a nice sink that works great for filling up those bathtubs for cake smash cleanups!  


Our Seating area is at the front of the studio when you walk in.  Feel free to make yourself comfortable while we have your newborn session, relax and enjoy having someone else tend to your little one for possibly the first time in days!  

320880519_6159789567378499_2493621716635807796_n320880519_6159789567378499_2493621716635807796_n 320834807_4168756423262819_5422925428890322908_n320834807_4168756423262819_5422925428890322908_n

The coffee bar is available to anyone who needs their caffeine fix, or if you need some hot cocoa, we've got that too.  Are you or your little's hungry while waiting for your session to finish, grab a little snack we've got a drawer filled with goodies.  

320923852_840651447225159_8926844243391192179_n320923852_840651447225159_8926844243391192179_n 320935969_690317929213186_8825160279678474158_n320935969_690317929213186_8825160279678474158_n 321095190_3243321549331620_5795506103534217773_n321095190_3243321549331620_5795506103534217773_n 320975417_1231286210933388_6152333525207217658_n320975417_1231286210933388_6152333525207217658_n

This little nook in the back worked out perfectly for a newborn area, here I have just about everything that I need for a newborn session, minus the baby!  Wraps, backdrop fabrics, headbands, basket stuffers, outfits, tiny stuffed animals for them to hold, and all my newborn photographer tricks.  You truly do not need to bring anything other than your baby, diaper changes, and some food for your session.  

321116223_2964229567216966_3220037527125341559_n321116223_2964229567216966_3220037527125341559_n 321060909_1578959762620649_7727889883557924141_n321060909_1578959762620649_7727889883557924141_n 321160145_628679789055450_8513069913232802487_n321160145_628679789055450_8513069913232802487_n 320876055_5511964888925862_8818207289128217351_n320876055_5511964888925862_8818207289128217351_n 320865243_649562290282414_1573505195779529315_n320865243_649562290282414_1573505195779529315_n

One of our many areas we can set up different backdrops in


This area is our lifestyle photography area, it has been great for lifestyle family images, lifestyle newborn photos and of course boudoir images.  


I am sharing the studio with longtime friend and fellow photographer Leslie Banner of Flying Arrow Studios & Mood Boudoir.  And between the two of us, we cover just about any type of session you could want! 


Please message us to schedule your first session in our new space.  We would love to show you our new studio!

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2019 Rustic Barn Christmas and Santa Mini Sessions | Parma, Michigan If you're in the market for holiday photos this season, you've come to the right place!  

I've teamed up with my friend and fellow photographer Leslie of Flying Arrow Studios to bring you a Christmas Mini Session event.  

We will have two separate setups the first for the family, a rustic Christmas barn setting. Think cozy country Christmas.  Lights, trees, buffalo plaid and plenty of rustic charm!  Spend 10 minutes having family photos taken.


santa mini-1santa mini-1 santa mini-2santa mini-2 santa mini-3santa mini-3 santa mini-4santa mini-4

After family photos are finished you'll move on to the big man, Santa himself.  Parents, go ahead and grab yourself some hot cocoa and a cookie or two while your kids spend some time chatting with Santa!  They'll get up to 10 minutes with the big guy, so if they're a little shy at first we can give them some time to warm up, and if they're completely traumatized by Santa, well those photos are always fun to look back on too!!

M71A0043-EditM71A0043-Edit M71A0047-EditM71A0047-Edit M71A0052-EditM71A0052-Edit M71A0054-EditM71A0054-Edit M71A0055-EditM71A0055-Edit M71A0059-EditM71A0059-Edit M71A0060-EditM71A0060-Edit M71A0070-EditM71A0070-Edit M71A0072-EditM71A0072-Edit

When & Where

These special Christmas sessions will be held on November 30th & December 1st

Sessions are $150 for 20 minutes and 10 digital images. Price includes immediate family only. Additional people are $10 each. 

Sessions will take place in Parma, Mi.  The exact location will be sent out with booking confirmation.

Ready to book your session?  Follow the link HERE to select your time & reserve your spot.  Full payment is due to reserve your spot. 


Please e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions!


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So you think you might want to schedule a newborn session? Harrison NB-30Harrison NB-30

There is so much to prepare for as you await the arrival of your baby, oftentimes photography is the last thing on your mind.  Wedged between all the doctor appointments, nursery decorating, making sure you have all the things in order for when baby comes home.  Newborn photography ends up being a bit of an afterthought.  Sometimes, people don't think that newborn photography is something that they even want so they don't have it on their priority list at all.  That is until they have spent a week or so with their new baby and start to notice how quickly that new, tiny baby changes, then they scramble to find someone to book with.   Us newborn photographers field a whole lot of "OMG my baby is changing too fast, and, I really want newborn photos now, but my baby is over 2 weeks old, can you get me in NOW?!" questions.  Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out to schedule!  

So, if you're newly pregnant or close to delivering and thinking that you do want to have a newborn photography session for your baby, what do you need to do to plan for that?

Logan Newborn-9Logan Newborn-9

Similar to wedding photography, do your research!  Pick a photographer who's style matches your own. Look through their portfolio on their website or images posted to their social media and make sure that you see consistency in their images.  An experienced photographer should have enough variety of images that they have shown they are able to replicate their work time and time again.  Not only do you want to make sure their work is aligned with your own standards but you want to make sure that they have experience with handling babies correctly, safely, and what to do when a session isn't going as planned!  Cause they don't always sleep!


Ethan Newborn -49Ethan Newborn -49


Do you want to do a posed newborn session or a lifestyle newborn session?  Posed or studio style newborn sessions typically include backdrops, baskets, headbands, props, and possibly lighting.  Sometimes parents are included and other times parents opt-out.  Studio/posed newborn sessions can take place in a photographers studio or (if they're like me) they may travel right to your house with all of their supplies.  Lifestyle newborn sessions are going to be more documentary type & take place in your own home with natural lighting and without all the props.


Letson Triplets Newborn-59Letson Triplets Newborn-59


Another thing to think about is travel, if your photographer does only studio sessions you will be traveling to them for your session.  For some, this is a great chance to get out of the house after having a baby.  For others, it is absolute torture to think about leaving the house, in the morning (that's when most of us schedule newborn sessions), with a newborn, OR a new family of MORE than just one kid to get out of the door!  Some types of newborn sessions can take up to 3-4 hours, so sometimes, being in the comfort of your own house is beneficial, especially if you have older (toddler) kids who need entertaining (or naps!).  


Westin Newborn-108Westin Newborn-108


Now, you have decided on some photographers that you like, you have an idea of the type of session you want, how old does your photographer suggest your baby be for their session?  You will get a million different answers to this question depending on which photographer you use.  I personally prefer them to be somewhere around 4-14 days, BUT, I NEVER STICK TO THIS!!  I get referrals all the time from people who have missed some magical window that is set in stone with different photographers.  I have photographed three-day-old babies, I have photographed babies who are nearly a month old, sometimes when they are born prematurely I haven't even gotten to photograph them until they are two months old.  My point is, all babies are different, yes typically from day 4-14 they are going to be doing a whole lot of sleeping (well eating, sleeping and pooping) but, that doesn't mean you can't have just as much success with an older baby as you do a five-day-old baby!  Older babies sessions may look a little different, less curled up sleepy poses and more wrapped awake baby but they are still manageable.  


Lexi Newborn Photos-32Lexi Newborn Photos-32


What does your photographer's schedule look like and how do we plan for a newborn anyway?  What if my baby comes early or later than the date we originally picked?  Every photographer is going to have different times that they are available and different times that they set aside for newborn sessions.  For me, I work a full-time job in addition to my job as a photographer.  That limits me to shooting newborn sessions only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Which usually works well for clients!)  When a client contacts me, I recommend a session date (as close as I can to fit my schedule) around a week after the baby's due date.  MOST of the time this works out, occasionally I haven't heard from mom yet around 5 days (if she's a first-time mom, three if she's an experienced pro) before the session date and I will contact her to let her know if baby hasn't arrived yet that we will need to pick a new date for the session.  I leave space in my calendar for these potential reschedules.  If baby happens to arrive sooner than planned, I ask my moms to contact me as soon as possible so we can decide whether or not we will need to bump up that session date.   There are of course the exceptions of scheduled cesarean births where we can set a date in stone.  If your baby is born and needs to have an additional hospital stay we will reschedule your session for when the baby is able to come home.  Because of how we schedule newborn sessions, and because of my limited availability, I can only take on 3-4 newborn sessions a month, this means sometimes I book up quickly and I have to turn away inquiries for newborn sessions that attempt to book later.  There is no shortage of newborn photographers but make sure that you don't miss out on booking your favorite because you didn't get in there early. 


Skylar Newborn-20Skylar Newborn-20


Costs!  Make sure you know the costs involved with your newborn session!  Don't be surprised if you find out that the first fee you pay just covers the sitting fee and you have to still purchase images that you were unaware of.  Every photographer has their own way of doing things, some are all-inclusive and the price you pay covers the session and prints, or digital images.  Others require a sitting fee and the purchase of images separately or in packages at an additional cost.  Some photographers are going to deliver you your images online and others are going to require an in-person viewing to order.  Don't just assume that the cheaper session is going to be cheaper in the long run, and please don't base your photographer solely on price alone!  Get a quote from your photographer so that everyone is clear on costs.  No one likes to be surprised by hidden costs they weren't planning for!  Also, if price is an issue and you are in love with their work, ask if they have a payment plan.  Scheduling ahead allows for an easy breakdown of payments to make something a little easier on the wallet!


Lorelei M. Newborn-2Lorelei M. Newborn-2


So when is the best time to get this thing booked?  I book my schedule as far out in advance as I can, this means sometimes people book their session during their first trimester, but most commonly and what I recommend, is booking during your second trimester, after that 20-week ultrasound scan.  This gives you plenty of time to plan ahead, ask any questions you may have, and likely find plenty of spaces left on your photographers schedule.   

Lastly, make sure you have a contract that covers what is included with your session, and what your photographers turn around time is to get your images back to you.  For me, this time frame is around 2 weeks from photographing to delivering your gallery.

If you would like more information on scheduling a newborn session please contact me at [email protected], through my website here or find me on facebook!

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New Year, New Babies!! | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Sessions It's always fun to see how many baby boys vs baby girls I get to photograph every year. Boys are already in the lead again this year 2:1!  So far we've had a Bentley, Ethan and Claire.  Don't worry though I've got a few more girls on my schedule soon to balance it out. 

I've been spending more of my time focusing my efforts on newborns, babies and cake smash sessions this year since that is where my heart really is!  I enjoy the creative outlet of coming up with different sets or just putting a different spin on something I've done in the past. 

My slower season for photography has been filled with lots of educational videos on things like posing, workflows, and lighting.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use lighting while also traveling to client homes.  The ideal lighting set up just isn't feasible for constant set up and tear down.  In the past, I've relied heavily on natural light in lots of homes this isn't much of an issue, but in homes like my own, natural light is hard to come by and let's not even talk about those cloudy/rainy days where there is no sun to be seen.  So I've finally fully given into studio light, and can find the value in the extra time it takes me to set up and tear down that extra piece of equipment.  

My ultimate goal for 2019 is to finally get the space available at my home refinished into a studio space where I can do newborn through one-year-old sessions.  As nice as it is to go to my clients for their sessions, it's also really nice to have everything you need in one spot and not have to tear it all apart and shove it in the trunk of your car between every single session!

I'll leave you with a look at some of my favorite newborn shots from this year's newborn sessions!

Bentley Newborn 2019-3Bentley Newborn 2019-3 Bentley Newborn 2019-12Bentley Newborn 2019-12 Bentley Newborn 2019-22Bentley Newborn 2019-22 Bentley Newborn 2019-29Bentley Newborn 2019-29 Bentley Newborn 2019-35Bentley Newborn 2019-35 Bentley Newborn 2019-44Bentley Newborn 2019-44 Bentley Newborn 2019-50Bentley Newborn 2019-50

Ethan Newborn -1Ethan Newborn -1 Ethan Newborn -7Ethan Newborn -7 Ethan Newborn -21Ethan Newborn -21 Ethan Newborn -33Ethan Newborn -33 Ethan Newborn -41Ethan Newborn -41 Ethan Newborn -49Ethan Newborn -49 Claire Newborn -4Claire Newborn -4 Claire Newborn -9Claire Newborn -9 Claire Newborn -17Claire Newborn -17 Claire Newborn -14Claire Newborn -14 Claire Newborn -24Claire Newborn -24 Claire Newborn -29Claire Newborn -29 Claire Newborn -32Claire Newborn -32 Claire Newborn -5Claire Newborn -5

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2018 in Review Thank you so much for another amazing year! 

From the very first session of 2018:


claire F newborn-22claire F newborn-22 to the very last: 


and the 154 sessions in between, it's been an amazing & busy 2018!  In total, I had 156 sessions and five weddings!  23 of those were newborn sessions, 18 baby boys, and 7 girls.  The first time I've ever had baby boys outnumber girls and what a huge outnumbering!  28 incredibly fun cake smash sessions and 58 mini sessions.  Whew!  I'm still working full time aside from photography and my own kids are growing like weeds (8 yrs and nearly 5 yrs)  they are getting involved in sports and 4-H and filling my calendar with all kinds of activities.  2019 will be a year of figuring out how to balance everything (again, I feel like this is a yearly thing!), hopefully moving to online scheduling for most session types.  My current biggest goal for my business in 2019 is to finally have a dedicated studio space for newborn through one year sessions!! 

Sending out a giant thank you for all of your support this past year I couldn't do any of it without you and here's to an even more amazing 2019!! 

I'm doing a trial on some blogging software, so I figured I'd do a quick review of 2018 sessions!

2018-12-31_00012018-12-31_0001 2018-12-31_00022018-12-31_0002 2018-12-31_00032018-12-31_0003 2018-12-31_00042018-12-31_0004 2018-12-31_00052018-12-31_0005 2018-12-31_00062018-12-31_0006 2018-12-31_00072018-12-31_0007 2018-12-31_00082018-12-31_0008 2018-12-31_00092018-12-31_0009 2018-12-31_00102018-12-31_0010 2018-12-31_00112018-12-31_0011 2018-12-31_00122018-12-31_0012 2018-12-31_00132018-12-31_0013 2018-12-31_00142018-12-31_0014 2018-12-31_00152018-12-31_0015 2018-12-31_00162018-12-31_0016 2018-12-31_00172018-12-31_0017 2018-12-31_00182018-12-31_0018 2018-12-31_00192018-12-31_0019 2018-12-31_00202018-12-31_0020 2018-12-31_00212018-12-31_0021 2018-12-31_00222018-12-31_0022


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Vance | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Four Month Old Session My sweet little nephew with his big ol' blue eyes was all smiles for his four month old session.  Growing like a little weed, he's actually almost 7 months old already now!  CRAZY!!  I think when we get to his 9 month and one year session he's going to have trouble squeezing into that Tonka truck!!  And, then there's my ever-helpful son, proving that he can, in fact, still fit inside my bucket.  


Vance 4 months-4Vance 4 months-4 Vance 4 months-5Vance 4 months-5 Vance 4 months-7Vance 4 months-7 Vance 4 months-9Vance 4 months-9 Vance 4 months-14Vance 4 months-14 Vance 4 months-21Vance 4 months-21 Vance 4 months-23Vance 4 months-23 Vance 4 months-1Vance 4 months-1

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Owen | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | One Year Old Sesame Street Cake Smash I can never get enough of Owen.  He's one of the happiest, cutest and sweetest little guys!  We celebrated his first birthday in style with a sesame street smash session, and he loved it as much as we did!  I'll never say it enough, I LOVE cake smash sessions.  Planning out the setup, crafting the props and pulling it all together is a lot of fun.  Plus I get to put my silhouette machine to work which is always amazing to me what you can do with that thing (Hello, Silhouette USA, someone could really use a new machine since I have the original edition!!  hint, hint...I'll keep telling everyone how awesome they are!!)  For this session, I used it to create the sesame street character banner with Owens name. ONE three Photo layoutONE three Photo layout Owen Cake Smash-17Owen Cake Smash-17 Owen Cake Smash-21Owen Cake Smash-21 Owen Cake Smash-31Owen Cake Smash-31 Owen Cake Smash-39Owen Cake Smash-39 Owen Cake Smash-40Owen Cake Smash-40 Owen Cake Smash-41Owen Cake Smash-41 Owen Cake Smash-37Owen Cake Smash-37 Owen Cake Smash-46Owen Cake Smash-46 Owen Cake Smash-35Owen Cake Smash-35 Owen Cake Smash-36Owen Cake Smash-36 Owen Cake Smash-50Owen Cake Smash-50 Owen Cake Smash-53Owen Cake Smash-53 Owen Cake Smash-55Owen Cake Smash-55 Owen Cake Smash-56Owen Cake Smash-56 Owen Cake Smash-64Owen Cake Smash-64   

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Alivia | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Two Year Old Session Alivia is nearly three now, but last spring we had a "paint session" for her second birthday.  She had a great time applying "makeup" and painting her toenails with the brush.  She was too cute and even did a little "makeup" for grandma!  I love these paint sessions since it helps to keep the attention of little ones who may be too busy to sit still for a photo session otherwise. Plus, who doesn't like getting messy!?!?


Alivia 2 yr-2Alivia 2 yr-2 Alivia 2 yr-3Alivia 2 yr-3 Alivia 2 yr-8Alivia 2 yr-8 Alivia 2 yr-13Alivia 2 yr-13 Alivia 2 yr-17Alivia 2 yr-17 Alivia 2 yr-18Alivia 2 yr-18 Alivia 2 yr-16Alivia 2 yr-16 Alivia 2 yr-23Alivia 2 yr-23 Alivia 2 yr-24Alivia 2 yr-24 Alivia 2 yr-25Alivia 2 yr-25 Alivia 2 yr-30Alivia 2 yr-30 Alivia 2 yr-32Alivia 2 yr-32 Alivia 2 yr-34Alivia 2 yr-34 Alivia 2 yr-35Alivia 2 yr-35

(Amber Yanovich Photography) 2 paint session toddler two year old Thu, 08 Mar 2018 20:46:36 GMT
Grove Family | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Family Session at Nichols Arboretum Back when the pretty trees were in blossom last year, I met up with the Grove family at one of my favorite Ann Arbor locations, the Nichols Arboretum.  Located on the medical campus of UofM I used to stroll through quite frequently while I waited for my carpool to leave work at the hospital.  Which is great for taking people there for photos since I've walked through and explored most of the Arb I know where my favorite spots are.  If you choose this location you'll be doing some walking so bring comfy shoes! :)

The Grove family met me after work one evening and we updated their photos, since their last session with me was back in I think 2013, it had been a little while!  The kids were a great age for photos since they are all big enough to listen but young enough to still have fun with it!  And they all donned their MSU gear for a photo while on UofM campus, so they win as my favorites. :)


Grove Family 2017-1Grove Family 2017-1 Grove Family 2017-4Grove Family 2017-4 Grove Family 2017-9Grove Family 2017-9 Grove Family 2017-13Grove Family 2017-13 Grove Family 2017-16Grove Family 2017-16 Grove Family 2017-20Grove Family 2017-20 Grove Family 2017-21Grove Family 2017-21 Grove Family 2017-23Grove Family 2017-23 Grove Family 2017-26Grove Family 2017-26 Grove Family 2017-27Grove Family 2017-27 Grove Family 2017-30Grove Family 2017-30 Grove Family 2017-32Grove Family 2017-32 Grove Family 2017-36Grove Family 2017-36 Grove Family 2017-41Grove Family 2017-41 Grove Family 2017-38Grove Family 2017-38 Grove Family 2017-45Grove Family 2017-45 Grove Family 2017-43Grove Family 2017-43

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Claire | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Girl Session Since I've caught up on blogging this years session I figured I'd go back to sessions from April/May of last year where I left off when life got too busy to keep up with blogging. We are quickly creeping up on this sweet girl's first birthday, (shes 10 months old right now) her mom and I are busy making plans for her cake smash session already!   Claire was a dream baby for her newborn session, she gave me a few wide-eyed shots between shuffling from family photos to her solo shots but we were able to get her right back to sleep with a little food in her belly.  As always, newborn sessions win out as my favorite and I just love that bucket shot! 

Claire Newborn-2Claire Newborn-2

Claire Newborn-21Claire Newborn-21 Claire Newborn-22Claire Newborn-22 Claire Newborn-25Claire Newborn-25 Claire Newborn-30Claire Newborn-30 Claire Newborn-36Claire Newborn-36 Claire Newborn-43Claire Newborn-43 Claire Newborn-49Claire Newborn-49 Claire Newborn-55Claire Newborn-55 Claire Newborn-59Claire Newborn-59 Claire Newborn-63Claire Newborn-63

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Landon | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | First Birthday UofM Football Themed Cake Smash I can hardly believe this little dude is already one!!  When I first met him he was just a tiny little (entirely adorable) newborn, that I may have wanted to keep for myself. Seriously, one of the cutest newborns ever.   Then at six months he was really just not sure about me and my camera but we got some cute ones of him and his beautiful momma!  This time he was more than happy to be my friend, and keep an eye on everything I was doing.  He enjoyed his cake smash until he decided he'd had enough.  Then he applied the "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" rules.  Check out this sweet man!


Landon Newborn-47Landon Newborn-47 Landon Newborn-78Landon Newborn-78

Six Months:

landon 6mo-45landon 6mo-45 landon 6mo-47landon 6mo-47 landon 6mo-61landon 6mo-61


One Year Old: Landon 1 yr-7Landon 1 yr-7 Landon 1 yr-6Landon 1 yr-6 Landon 1 yr-4Landon 1 yr-4 Landon 1 yr-13Landon 1 yr-13 Landon 1 yr-17Landon 1 yr-17 Landon 1 yr-15Landon 1 yr-15 Landon 1 yr-20Landon 1 yr-20 Landon 1 yr-27Landon 1 yr-27 Landon 1 yr-30Landon 1 yr-30 Landon 1 yr-35Landon 1 yr-35 Landon 1 yr-33Landon 1 yr-33 Landon 1 yr-36Landon 1 yr-36 ONE three Photo layout 10x20 20x40ONE three Photo layout 10x20 20x40

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Sam & Ben | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Engagement Session When we scheduled Sam & Ben's engagement session months ago I was really hoping that if we did a winter engagement session we'd end up with snow, but, of course, it fell right after we had our January warm up after days of freezing cold (not that I wanted to shoot a session in -11 degree temperatures either!!) Luckily they brought their adorable dog, and she automatically brightened up the day!  

I'm excited to celebrate with these guys this fall as they tie the knot, they were such a fun couple and did great together in front of the camera!  


Ben & Sam Engagement-1Ben & Sam Engagement-1 Ben & Sam Engagement-3Ben & Sam Engagement-3 Ben & Sam Engagement-5Ben & Sam Engagement-5 Ben & Sam Engagement-9Ben & Sam Engagement-9 Ben & Sam Engagement-7Ben & Sam Engagement-7 Ben & Sam Engagement-15Ben & Sam Engagement-15 Ben & Sam Engagement-17Ben & Sam Engagement-17 Ben & Sam Engagement-18Ben & Sam Engagement-18 Ben & Sam Engagement-19Ben & Sam Engagement-19 Ben & Sam Engagement-21Ben & Sam Engagement-21 Ben & Sam Engagement-23Ben & Sam Engagement-23 Ben & Sam Engagement-27Ben & Sam Engagement-27 Ben & Sam Engagement-29Ben & Sam Engagement-29 Ben & Sam Engagement-31Ben & Sam Engagement-31 Ben & Sam Engagement-36Ben & Sam Engagement-36 Ben & Sam Engagement-33Ben & Sam Engagement-33 Ben & Sam Engagement-38Ben & Sam Engagement-38

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Jacob | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | First Birthday Winnie The Pooh Cake Smash I may just have a little bit of left over Winnie the Pooh love from the 90's, but this Winnie the Pooh cake smash session was one of my favorites, ever.  Jacob nearly went face first into his cake when we first set it in front of him, but had second thoughts.  He really enjoyed making his cake turn into a giant mess!  After making a hot mess he showed us how to drink like a puppy from his bath water :) silly little guy!


Jacob H one year-18Jacob H one year-18 Jacob H one year-20Jacob H one year-20 Jacob H one year-22Jacob H one year-22 Jacob H one year-24Jacob H one year-24 Jacob H one year-30Jacob H one year-30 Jacob H one year-28Jacob H one year-28 Jacob H one year-26Jacob H one year-26 Jacob H one year-33Jacob H one year-33 Jacob H one year-34Jacob H one year-34 Jacob H one year-36Jacob H one year-36 ONE three Photo layoutONE three Photo layout Jacob H one year-40Jacob H one year-40

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Octavia | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Six Month Old Girl Sweet little Octavia is six months old already.  I can hardly believe that it's been six months since this girl's newborn session!  She was all smiles for her session and I'm pretty sure she was digging the dress up.  She seems like she is such an easy going happy go lucky kind of girl.  I just love that her momma likes color just as much as I do, it always makes for some adorable and pretty images.  Mom mentioned that she wanted to do a six-month-old/half-way to one onesie for her pictures and I figured it would be a great time to break out my silhouette machine and make her a onesie!  I think it turned out adorable and I can't wait to make more for future sessions!


Octavia 6 months-1Octavia 6 months-1 Octavia 6 months-5Octavia 6 months-5


Octavia 6 months-9Octavia 6 months-9 Octavia 6 months-13Octavia 6 months-13 Octavia 6 months-29Octavia 6 months-29 Octavia 6 months-33Octavia 6 months-33 Octavia 6 months-35Octavia 6 months-35 Octavia 6 months-45Octavia 6 months-45 Octavia 6 months-47Octavia 6 months-47 Octavia 6 months-51Octavia 6 months-51

(Amber Yanovich Photography) 6 months babies baby baby girl children six months old Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:08:04 GMT
Gaven | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | 2018 Senior Boy I'm always honored when people ask me to do their photos, especially the big things like senior photos, newborns, and weddings.  For some reason, especially when its family and friends who trust me with those big moments!  I got to freeze with my cousin, Gaven, last month (I mean really, look at him, in a tee shirt like it's not cold in January in Michigan) for his senior photos.  If your youngest cousin graduating doesn't make you feel a little bit old, I'm not sure what will!  

Gaven 2018 Senior-2Gaven 2018 Senior-2 Gaven 2018 Senior-5Gaven 2018 Senior-5

Gaven 2018 Senior-17Gaven 2018 Senior-17 Gaven 2018 Senior-7Gaven 2018 Senior-7 Gaven 2018 Senior-8Gaven 2018 Senior-8 Gaven 2018 Senior-19Gaven 2018 Senior-19 Gaven 2018 Senior-11Gaven 2018 Senior-11 Gaven 2018 Senior-15Gaven 2018 Senior-15

(Amber Yanovich Photography) class of 2018 senior senior boy Mon, 19 Feb 2018 02:10:20 GMT
Elliott | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | First Birthday Donut Smash Session I'll apologize in advance for the massive photo dump.  (sorry, not sorry)  But Miss Elliott and I go way back, like back to the hospital when she arrived 5 weeks early and fresh as can be.  Other than my own kids, she's been the only other baby that I've gotten to do a first 48 session for (thanks to my full-time job it's not really a service I can offer to many people unless they happen to give birth on the right day of the week and my schedule allows for it!)  Also at 5 weeks early, and just 5lbs, she's the smallest newborn I've photographed.  Elliott was one of my baby plan babies so I got to see her quite a bit through her first year (Including mom & dad's wedding!).  Still though, I can't believe it's been a whole year!

Her first birthday cake smash theme was pink/snowflake.  I crafted up some giant 3D snowflakes and my tissue poofs, which I'm pretty much a professional at nowadays, and hoped that the lights I've been hoarding for a few years worked well with the backdrop.  Since I frequently make lots of decoration plans and don't do a practice set up at home before I take things to set up at a clients house I kind of just hoped it would all pull together like I planned in my mind.  We had a late change in plans when my favorite cake lady ended up sick overnight and decided not sharing germs with a one-year-old was safest. Mom and I both hit the stores to see what we could come up with, rather than postponing the session, and ended up switching from cake to perfectly pink DONUTS!!!  YUM.  I'd say Elliott was a HUGE fan, as you'll see in the photos the girl basically never let go of them once she tasted one.  Even pulling one into the bathtub with her at the end!  I'm calling it a success!  

First 48:

Elliott Hospital Pics-26Elliott Hospital Pics-26 Newborn Session: Elliott Newborn-13Elliott Newborn-13 Six Months:

Elliott 6month-77Elliott 6month-77

One Year Old:

Elliott 1yr-3Elliott 1yr-3 Elliott 1yr-5Elliott 1yr-5 Elliott 1yr-8Elliott 1yr-8 Elliott 1yr-10Elliott 1yr-10 ONE three Photo layoutONE three Photo layout Elliott 1yr-20Elliott 1yr-20 Elliott 1yr-24Elliott 1yr-24 Elliott 1yr-25Elliott 1yr-25 Elliott 1yr-27Elliott 1yr-27 Elliott 1yr-38Elliott 1yr-38 Elliott 1yr-31Elliott 1yr-31 Elliott 1yr-32Elliott 1yr-32 Elliott 1yr-34Elliott 1yr-34 Elliott 1yr-37Elliott 1yr-37 Elliott 1yr-28Elliott 1yr-28 Elliott 1yr-35Elliott 1yr-35 Elliott 1yr-36Elliott 1yr-36 Elliott 1yr-39Elliott 1yr-39

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby cake smash donut smash donuts one one year old Sat, 10 Feb 2018 03:21:15 GMT
Thomas & Henry | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Twin Session I first met Thomas & Henry when they were just wee little newborns (the best little newborns when it comes to twin sessions!!) Thomas&Henry-9Thomas&Henry-9 And again when they turned six months:

Henry&Thomas 6mo-13Henry&Thomas 6mo-13

Then their momma contacted me saying that they were one and ready for another session, which I didn't believe at all because, "hello, they were just born, like, yesterday!!!"  But, just look at these handsome one-year-old dudes!  So much fun with these two and their big bro!  I say it a million times but I love getting to see all of these babies grow up!

Thomas & Henry 1 yr-39Thomas & Henry 1 yr-39 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-1Thomas & Henry 1 yr-1 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-7Thomas & Henry 1 yr-7 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-17Thomas & Henry 1 yr-17 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-21Thomas & Henry 1 yr-21 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-25Thomas & Henry 1 yr-25 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-33Thomas & Henry 1 yr-33 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-31Thomas & Henry 1 yr-31 Thomas & Henry 1 yr-35Thomas & Henry 1 yr-35

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby boy one one year old twins Wed, 07 Feb 2018 20:04:26 GMT
Ava | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | First Birthday Session Sweet Ava came to see me for a quick little first birthday session.  Ava is almost always full of giant smiles when I see her, of course, this day, when she was the star of the show, she just wasn't having it.  We worked hard to try to coax some smiles out of her but she was in serious mode for the majority of her session.  Of all the things you can control for a photo session, babies moods will never be one of them, sometimes you just have to roll with whatever mood they are in!  


Ava 1 year mini-7Ava 1 year mini-7 Ava 1 year mini-6Ava 1 year mini-6 Ava 1 year mini-1Ava 1 year mini-1 Ava 1 year mini-12Ava 1 year mini-12 Ava 1 year mini-20Ava 1 year mini-20 Ava 1 year mini-9Ava 1 year mini-9 Ava 1 year mini-15Ava 1 year mini-15 Ava 1 year mini-19Ava 1 year mini-19

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby minnie one one year old Wed, 07 Feb 2018 18:56:43 GMT
Jake | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session My second newborn of 2018 was perfectly adorable little Jake.  Jake has three super proud big siblings who were very excited to show him off and help me when they could.  I always love little assistants especially when I hear them say "oh, he's just so cute!" about their new sibling!  Check out this adorable little guy and his equally beautiful family.


Jake Newborn -7Jake Newborn -7 Jake Newborn -13Jake Newborn -13 Jake Newborn -23Jake Newborn -23 Jake Newborn -27Jake Newborn -27 Jake Newborn -33Jake Newborn -33 Jake Newborn -35Jake Newborn -35 Jake Newborn -43Jake Newborn -43 Jake Newborn -47Jake Newborn -47 Jake Newborn -61Jake Newborn -61 Jake Newborn -77Jake Newborn -77 Jake Newborn -79Jake Newborn -79 Jake Newborn -83Jake Newborn -83 Jake Newborn -91Jake Newborn -91 Jake Newborn -101Jake Newborn -101 Jake Newborn -103Jake Newborn -103

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Claire | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Girl Session I love seeing families grow, it's one of my favorite things about newborn sessions, seeing those older kids interact with their new sibling!  I did a cake smash session back in 2016 for big sister Olivia, and now I get to be a part of new baby Claire's first year!  We'll be seeing Claire again at six months and for a cake smash at her first birthday.  How sweet are those photos of big sister with Claire?  I die.  


claire F newborn-4claire F newborn-4 claire F newborn-17claire F newborn-17 claire F newborn-21claire F newborn-21 claire F newborn-25claire F newborn-25 claire F newborn-33claire F newborn-33 claire F newborn-39claire F newborn-39 claire F newborn-47claire F newborn-47 claire F newborn-49claire F newborn-49 claire F newborn-67claire F newborn-67 claire F newborn-69claire F newborn-69 claire F newborn-77claire F newborn-77 claire F newborn-9claire F newborn-9

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies newborn newborn girl newborn session Sat, 03 Feb 2018 13:16:52 GMT
Phil & Kristy | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Tecumseh Wedding @ The Landing Phil and Kristy couldn't have been a better personality fit for me as ideal wedding clients if they tried. 

Their wedding day started off on a great foot when we meet up for on the Indian Trails Park Path to do their bride/bridal party & groom/groomsmen shots, rain was threating in the forecast but we had hoped to miss most of it until after the ceremony.  But, by the time we were starting with the groom and his groomsmen grey skies were rolling in and soon we were rained out by a seriously heavy downpour, despite the fact that I brought enough umbrellas for the wedding party. 

So the thing about rain, it's really NOT GREAT when you've planned an outdoor wedding that is supposed to start in 10 minutes!  After it was apparent that the rain just wasn't going to let up, they decided to do a quick bit of rearranging and the ceremony was moved from the outdoor area to the reception hall inside The Landing.  These two handled it like champs,  while my assistant and I hurried to set up our lighting for indoor photos, and the people of The Landing got set up for an indoor ceremony.  Other than the few minutes of "oh no, what are we going to do" everything flowed just like it was supposed to have happened that way. 

We were able to sneak back outside shortly after their ceremony ended for some wedding party shots under the covered awning area and when the rain finally let up we headed out into the yard to finish up.  The rest of their evening went on without a hitch with plenty of laughing and dancing.  Such a great time celebrating these two as they started their new life as husband and wife! 

Pinter Wedding-7Pinter Wedding-7 Pinter Wedding-8Pinter Wedding-8 Pinter Wedding-12Pinter Wedding-12 Pinter Wedding-18Pinter Wedding-18 Pinter Wedding-20Pinter Wedding-20 Pinter Wedding-24Pinter Wedding-24 Pinter Wedding-31Pinter Wedding-31 Pinter Wedding-36Pinter Wedding-36 Pinter Wedding-53Pinter Wedding-53 Pinter Wedding-43Pinter Wedding-43 Pinter Wedding-50Pinter Wedding-50 Pinter Wedding-59Pinter Wedding-59 Pinter Wedding-64Pinter Wedding-64 Pinter Wedding-68Pinter Wedding-68 Pinter Wedding-73Pinter Wedding-73 Pinter Wedding-75Pinter Wedding-75 Pinter Wedding-89Pinter Wedding-89 Pinter Wedding-98Pinter Wedding-98 Pinter Wedding-102Pinter Wedding-102 Pinter Wedding-101Pinter Wedding-101 Pinter Wedding-107Pinter Wedding-107 Pinter Wedding-135Pinter Wedding-135 Pinter Wedding-139Pinter Wedding-139 Pinter Wedding-141Pinter Wedding-141 Pinter Wedding-153Pinter Wedding-153 Pinter Wedding-159Pinter Wedding-159 Pinter Wedding-165Pinter Wedding-165 Pinter Wedding-171Pinter Wedding-171 Pinter Wedding-187Pinter Wedding-187 Pinter Wedding-190Pinter Wedding-190 Pinter Wedding-192Pinter Wedding-192 Pinter Wedding-193Pinter Wedding-193 Pinter Wedding-196Pinter Wedding-196 Pinter Wedding-202Pinter Wedding-202 Pinter Wedding-206Pinter Wedding-206 Pinter Wedding-211Pinter Wedding-211 Pinter Wedding-218Pinter Wedding-218 Pinter Wedding-221Pinter Wedding-221 Pinter Wedding-231Pinter Wedding-231 Pinter Wedding-242Pinter Wedding-242 Pinter Wedding-238Pinter Wedding-238 Pinter Wedding-246Pinter Wedding-246 Pinter Wedding-248Pinter Wedding-248 Pinter Wedding-251Pinter Wedding-251 Pinter Wedding-258Pinter Wedding-258 Pinter Wedding-271Pinter Wedding-271 Pinter Wedding-289Pinter Wedding-289 Pinter Wedding-295Pinter Wedding-295 Pinter Wedding-303Pinter Wedding-303 Pinter Wedding-306Pinter Wedding-306 Pinter Wedding-312Pinter Wedding-312 Pinter Wedding-319Pinter Wedding-319 Pinter Wedding-327Pinter Wedding-327 Pinter Wedding-334Pinter Wedding-334 Pinter Wedding-339Pinter Wedding-339 Pinter Wedding-342Pinter Wedding-342 Pinter Wedding-359Pinter Wedding-359 Pinter Wedding-363Pinter Wedding-363 Pinter Wedding-427Pinter Wedding-427 Pinter Wedding-434Pinter Wedding-434 Pinter Wedding-440Pinter Wedding-440 Pinter Wedding-454Pinter Wedding-454 Pinter Wedding-467Pinter Wedding-467 Pinter Wedding-496Pinter Wedding-496 Pinter Wedding-493Pinter Wedding-493 Pinter Wedding-506Pinter Wedding-506 Pinter Wedding-525Pinter Wedding-525 Pinter Wedding-539Pinter Wedding-539 Pinter Wedding-553Pinter Wedding-553 Pinter Wedding-574Pinter Wedding-574 Pinter Wedding-569Pinter Wedding-569 Pinter Wedding-623Pinter Wedding-623 Pinter Wedding-632Pinter Wedding-632 Pinter Wedding-640Pinter Wedding-640 Pinter Wedding-645Pinter Wedding-645 Pinter Wedding-684Pinter Wedding-684

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Aiden | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Firefighter Cake Smash Session I was so excited when Aiden's mommy let me know she was planning on a Firefighter cake smash theme AND that we'd get to do them at the fire station.   Aiden comes from a firefighter family with plenty of real-life heroes to look up to.  From the looks of how much he enjoyed being at the fire station, you're probably looking at one of the next generation of Firefighter.  Aiden was into making a mess of that cake, and his cousin just couldn't wait to have her turn at it!  Check out all this cuteness.


Aiden Cake Smash-8Aiden Cake Smash-8 Aiden Cake Smash-3Aiden Cake Smash-3 Aiden Cake Smash-11Aiden Cake Smash-11 Aiden Cake Smash-14Aiden Cake Smash-14 Aiden Cake Smash-15Aiden Cake Smash-15 Aiden Cake Smash-18Aiden Cake Smash-18 Aiden Cake Smash-21Aiden Cake Smash-21 Aiden Cake Smash-23Aiden Cake Smash-23 Aiden Cake Smash-24Aiden Cake Smash-24 Aiden Cake Smash-29Aiden Cake Smash-29 Aiden Cake Smash-34Aiden Cake Smash-34 Aiden Cake Smash-35Aiden Cake Smash-35 Aiden Cake Smash-39Aiden Cake Smash-39 Aiden Cake Smash-42Aiden Cake Smash-42 Aiden Cake Smash-44Aiden Cake Smash-44 Aiden Cake Smash-45Aiden Cake Smash-45 Aiden Cake Smash-43Aiden Cake Smash-43 Aiden Cake Smash-47Aiden Cake Smash-47 Aiden Cake Smash-55Aiden Cake Smash-55 Aiden Cake Smash-58Aiden Cake Smash-58 Aiden Cake Smash-57Aiden Cake Smash-57 Aiden Cake Smash-53Aiden Cake Smash-53

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Michelle | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | High School Senior Session We had a few scheduling conflicts with Michelle's senior session and resulted in going from a winter session in the city to a spring session in the park.  While it was a bit damp and chilly that morning and I made her walk across the very wet grass in flip-flops to start her morning, Michelle rocked her session, frozen toes and all.  Such a fabulous personality, you can see how fun she was just by that big smile and how playful her images are!  I keep thinking that I may stop offering senior portrait sessions in 2018 so I can focus more on what I love.  I've gotten so busy with other sessions, two kids and a full-time job on top of it all, but then I do one, I love it all over again and I'm just not sure I want to give it up!! 


Michelle Senior Session-2Michelle Senior Session-2 Michelle Senior Session-6Michelle Senior Session-6 Michelle Senior Session-9Michelle Senior Session-9 Michelle Senior Session-10Michelle Senior Session-10 Michelle Senior Session-12Michelle Senior Session-12 Michelle Senior Session-15Michelle Senior Session-15 Michelle Senior Session-17Michelle Senior Session-17 Michelle Senior Session-18Michelle Senior Session-18 Michelle Senior Session-25Michelle Senior Session-25 Michelle Senior Session-33Michelle Senior Session-33 Michelle Senior Session-39Michelle Senior Session-39 Michelle Senior Session-45Michelle Senior Session-45 Michelle Senior Session-47Michelle Senior Session-47 Michelle Senior Session-51Michelle Senior Session-51 Michelle Senior Session-52Michelle Senior Session-52 Michelle Senior Session-56Michelle Senior Session-56

(Amber Yanovich Photography) high school high school senior senior senior girl senior year Thu, 13 Jul 2017 15:34:16 GMT
Ella & Madi | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One & Three Year Old Cake Smash Session I love, love, love how cute cake smash sessions always turn out when I collaborate with moms on a combination of mom has some random things we can use along with the random things I have and a backdrop.  I never know exactly how it will look until the day of the session when we set everything all up together, but I have never been disappointed.  Ella and Madi's session was perfectly girly and even though Ella still isn't a huge fan of being in front of the camera she still gave me a few grins...(we worked hard for those!!)  Someday she'll be a fan just like her big sister, I just know it.


Ella Cake Smash-2Ella Cake Smash-2 Ella Cake Smash-5Ella Cake Smash-5 Ella Cake Smash-8Ella Cake Smash-8 Ella Cake Smash-9Ella Cake Smash-9




Ella Cake Smash-10Ella Cake Smash-10 Ella Cake Smash-11Ella Cake Smash-11 Ella Cake Smash-15Ella Cake Smash-15 Ella Cake Smash-13Ella Cake Smash-13 Ella Cake Smash-14Ella Cake Smash-14 Ella Cake Smash-18Ella Cake Smash-18 Ella Cake Smash-28Ella Cake Smash-28 Ella Cake Smash-29Ella Cake Smash-29 Ella Cake Smash-30Ella Cake Smash-30 Ella Cake Smash-31Ella Cake Smash-31 Ella Cake Smash-34Ella Cake Smash-34 Ella Cake Smash-39Ella Cake Smash-39 Ella Cake Smash-40Ella Cake Smash-40 Ella Cake Smash-45Ella Cake Smash-45 ONE three Photo layoutONE three Photo layout

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby birthday cake cake smash children one year old Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:46:18 GMT
Matthew | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Cake Smash Session I can't believe how fast this kid grew, I swear!  One week we were doing Matthew's newborn session, then it seemed like no time before we were planning his cake smash!  I loved his baseball theme, so stinking cute and so much fun to pull it all together!!

Matthew 1 year-6Matthew 1 year-6 Matthew 1 year-4Matthew 1 year-4 Matthew 1 year-3Matthew 1 year-3 Matthew 1 year-10Matthew 1 year-10 Matthew 1 year-11Matthew 1 year-11 Matthew 1 year-13Matthew 1 year-13 Matthew 1 year-17Matthew 1 year-17 Matthew 1 year-23Matthew 1 year-23 Matthew 1 year-27Matthew 1 year-27 Matthew 1 year-34Matthew 1 year-34 Matthew 1 year-35Matthew 1 year-35 Matthew 1 year-37Matthew 1 year-37 Matthew 1 year-39Matthew 1 year-39 Matthew 1 year-42Matthew 1 year-42 Matthew 1 year-46Matthew 1 year-46 Matthew 1 year-47Matthew 1 year-47 Matthew 1 year-50Matthew 1 year-50

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Cake One babies baby baby boy cake smash children one year old Wed, 28 Jun 2017 20:10:39 GMT
Samantha | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Three Month Old Session Samantha is sneaking right up on her six-month session here in July.  I'll never stop saying how crazy fast time goes when it comes to these babies that aren't even my own but seem to age faster than I can blink!  Samantha was just about as serious as any three-month-old could be, I'm talking tough crowd and those smiles that she did sneak out, her momma really worked hard for them!  

I can't wait to see this little lady next month.  Hopefully, she'll find me silly next time, cause those grins are adorable!


Samantha 3mo-2Samantha 3mo-2 Samantha 3mo-5Samantha 3mo-5 Samantha 3mo-10Samantha 3mo-10 Samantha 3mo-18Samantha 3mo-18 Samantha 3mo-20Samantha 3mo-20 Samantha 3mo-23Samantha 3mo-23 Samantha 3mo-26Samantha 3mo-26 Samantha 3mo-28Samantha 3mo-28 Samantha 3mo-32Samantha 3mo-32

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Milestone babies baby family three month old Wed, 21 Jun 2017 19:09:19 GMT
Eliud | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session The baby boy to girl ratio is tipping toward boy for sure this year!  Eliud was a dream baby for his session, sleeping like a champ when it mattered and saving the awake/alert for his lifestyle type of shots with mom and dad.  Check out this perfectly adorable little man!


Eliud Newborn -1Eliud Newborn -1 Eliud Newborn -6Eliud Newborn -6 Eliud Newborn -9Eliud Newborn -9 Eliud Newborn -27Eliud Newborn -27 Eliud Newborn -22Eliud Newborn -22 Eliud Newborn -30Eliud Newborn -30 Eliud Newborn -38Eliud Newborn -38 Eliud Newborn -44Eliud Newborn -44 Eliud Newborn -49Eliud Newborn -49 Eliud Newborn -55Eliud Newborn -55 Eliud Newborn -68Eliud Newborn -68 Eliud Newborn -73Eliud Newborn -73 Eliud Newborn -88Eliud Newborn -88 Eliud Newborn -90Eliud Newborn -90 Eliud Newborn -102Eliud Newborn -102 Eliud Newborn -110Eliud Newborn -110 Eliud Newborn -106Eliud Newborn -106

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn babies baby baby boy children family newborn newborn boy newborns Thu, 15 Jun 2017 18:31:14 GMT
Chalfant | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Maternity Announcement One fun thing about doing photography is you get to be a top secret surprise keeper!  I frequently learn of pregnancies, and baby gender long before other people know! :)  I was asked to help the Chalfant family announce their pregnancy around Easter so we gave it a little Easter theme and had fun!  

Chalfant announcement mini-1-2Chalfant announcement mini-1-2 Chalfant announcement mini-1Chalfant announcement mini-1 Chalfant announcement mini-6Chalfant announcement mini-6 Chalfant announcement mini-9Chalfant announcement mini-9 Chalfant announcement mini-16Chalfant announcement mini-16 Chalfant announcement mini-17Chalfant announcement mini-17 Chalfant announcement mini-20Chalfant announcement mini-20 Chalfant announcement mini-21Chalfant announcement mini-21 Chalfant announcement mini-23Chalfant announcement mini-23

(Amber Yanovich Photography) announcement babies baby maternity surprise Fri, 09 Jun 2017 14:36:28 GMT
Lochlan | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session One of my favorite things about doing newborn photography is that I frequently get to meet my friends babies before lots of other people get a chance.  Haha, you gotta steal as many of those baby snuggles as you can, when you can!  

My friend and co-worker Kristi had her second "little" boy, Lochlan, in March.  He was so perfectly chunky, I wanted to steal him, just like the rest of those babies.  Lochlan is a "rainbow baby", a rainbow baby is a term used for a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.  Kristi really wanted to capture some images with the rainbow theme, and, I wanted to make sure to keep it on the masculine side After some brainstorming and online shopping we came up with a few really cute ideas, I think!  I just LOVE that blanket that Kristi had made with Lochlan's name.  And, my son loves his new Hotwheels cars, that he immediately tore off my wreath I created for Lochlan's session.   

Check out Lochlan, with his adorable chunky cheeks, and sweet big brother Liam!  


Lochlan newborn-1Lochlan newborn-1 Lochlan newborn-6Lochlan newborn-6 Lochlan newborn-10Lochlan newborn-10 Lochlan newborn-9Lochlan newborn-9 Lochlan newborn-12Lochlan newborn-12 Lochlan newborn-16Lochlan newborn-16 Lochlan newborn-23Lochlan newborn-23 Lochlan newborn-24Lochlan newborn-24 Lochlan newborn-29Lochlan newborn-29 Lochlan newborn-37Lochlan newborn-37 Lochlan newborn-32Lochlan newborn-32 Lochlan newborn-40Lochlan newborn-40 Lochlan newborn-42Lochlan newborn-42 Lochlan newborn-46Lochlan newborn-46 Lochlan newborn-49Lochlan newborn-49 Lochlan newborn-50Lochlan newborn-50

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn babies baby baby boy newborns Thu, 18 May 2017 15:45:10 GMT
Bennett | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Boy Session I was so excited when Bennett's mom contacted me to do one year old photos for Bennett.  The first time I met him was at Mott last year, Bennett was born with JMML leukemia and Noonan Syndrome and spent his first few months of life in the hospital.  Very happy to report that Bennett is doing great and was super excited for his 1 year old photos!  Just check this amazing kid out!

A few from Bennett's hospital session last year:

Bennett-2Bennett-2 Bennett-40Bennett-40 Bennett-24Bennett-24


Just look at him now!!!

Bennett One Year-9Bennett One Year-9 Bennett One Year-6Bennett One Year-6 Bennett One Year-12Bennett One Year-12 Bennett One Year-14Bennett One Year-14 Bennett One Year-20Bennett One Year-20 Bennett One Year-30Bennett One Year-30 Bennett One Year-34Bennett One Year-34 Bennett One Year-40Bennett One Year-40 Bennett One Year-45Bennett One Year-45 Bennett One Year-46Bennett One Year-46 Bennett One Year-47Bennett One Year-47 Bennett One Year-26Bennett One Year-26

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Mott babies baby baby boy cake smash first birthday hospital milestones one year old Tue, 16 May 2017 12:51:34 GMT
Amelia | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Three Month Old Girl Session Another three-month-old, Miss. Amelia, who believes in making people work for it.  I mean she just wasn't going to give up any big grins without seeing some effort on the behalf of mom, dad and I!  I'm sure she'll be all smiles and cuteness for her six-month-old session coming up soon!  It's official though, three-month-olds have thee best hair styles!!  


Amelia 3 months-4Amelia 3 months-4 Amelia 3 months-7Amelia 3 months-7 Amelia 3 months-14Amelia 3 months-14 Amelia 3 months-16Amelia 3 months-16 Amelia 3 months-22Amelia 3 months-22 Amelia 3 months-23Amelia 3 months-23 Amelia 3 months-24Amelia 3 months-24 Amelia 3 months-31Amelia 3 months-31



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Michaela | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Three Month Old Baby Girl Session As we are creeping up on Michaela's six-month-old session this month, it's a good time to blog her three-month-old session!  Just check out this girls hair, the blue eyes, and those dimples!  Agh, how can you not love babies!! She was full of smirks and smiles to show off those little dimples, even with an end of the day session (we all know about those witching hours babies and children have!), she did great, only getting upset when I was disrupting her time to eat.  I can't wait to see how she's grown the past three months!


Michaela 3 mo-3Michaela 3 mo-3 Michaela 3 mo-4Michaela 3 mo-4 Michaela 3 mo-7Michaela 3 mo-7 Michaela 3 mo-9Michaela 3 mo-9 Michaela 3 mo-12Michaela 3 mo-12 Michaela 3 mo-24Michaela 3 mo-24 Michaela 3 mo-25Michaela 3 mo-25 Michaela 3 mo-28Michaela 3 mo-28 Michaela 3 mo-35Michaela 3 mo-35 Michaela 3 mo-31Michaela 3 mo-31 Michaela 3 mo-29Michaela 3 mo-29

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby girl children three month old Wed, 10 May 2017 18:07:19 GMT
Enzo | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Two Year Old Boy Session I can't believe this guy is already two!  He was just a tiny little baby a couple days ago, and I was talking pregnancy with his mom just a few days before that, I swear!  We played cars and made a great mess for his session, all things that two year old's are really great at! :)  His session happened to fall on daylight savings day, so not only did everyone wake up with a feeling of the loss of an hour, I was kind enough to show up an hour early for Enzo's morning session....OOOPS.  I guess I should triple check my schedule before I set my alarm at night.  Luckily Enzo's parents already know I am crazy and they just went right along with it, after asking me "are you early?".  (Sorry for the extra, extra early start to your day!!!! :) )


Enzo 2-2Enzo 2-2 Enzo 2-3Enzo 2-3 Enzo 2-6Enzo 2-6 Enzo 2-9Enzo 2-9 Enzo 2-11Enzo 2-11 Enzo 2-12Enzo 2-12 Enzo 2-13Enzo 2-13 Enzo 2-15Enzo 2-15 Enzo 2-20Enzo 2-20 Enzo 2-24Enzo 2-24 Enzo 2-27Enzo 2-27 Enzo 2-25Enzo 2-25 Enzo 2-36Enzo 2-36

(Amber Yanovich Photography) baby baby boy children two year old Mon, 01 May 2017 21:00:00 GMT
Asher | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session Sweet Asher, what a great little sleeper this guy was.  He was my second newborn of the day as I had squeezed in two before I left for vacation.  Asher made my job easier by being so content.  Of course, he was bright eyed for his photos with mom and dad at the end of his session!  Check out some of my favorites from his session:


Asher Newborn-7Asher Newborn-7 Asher Newborn-11Asher Newborn-11 Asher Newborn-15Asher Newborn-15 Asher Newborn-18Asher Newborn-18 Asher Newborn-24Asher Newborn-24 Asher Newborn-29Asher Newborn-29 Asher Newborn-36Asher Newborn-36 Asher Newborn-40Asher Newborn-40 Asher Newborn-45Asher Newborn-45

Asher Newborn-48Asher Newborn-48 Asher Newborn-50Asher Newborn-50 Asher Newborn-56Asher Newborn-56 Asher Newborn-64Asher Newborn-64 Asher Newborn-47Asher Newborn-47

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby boy children family newborn newborns Mon, 01 May 2017 15:46:20 GMT
Landon | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Session Since Newborns are unpredictable and we never know when they'll actually decide to be born, sometimes despite trying to space them apart on my calendar with tentative dates, I end up needing to squeeze two babies into one day.  If you've never seen a newborn session, that = one hot sweaty, long day!  I was very lucky and had two excellent babies!  Landon was the first of the day and basically slept like a log the entire time I was there.  Honestly, he was a dream!  And, so incredibly adorable.  I no doubt gushed about those chubby cheeks no less than 1,000 times while I was there.  I kind of wanted to steal him, if it weren't for the fact that I was flying out on a kid free vacation the next morning I may have just picked him up and taken him home.  I'm sure mom and dad wouldn't have let me get away with that.  :)  Check out this cuteness.  


Landon Newborn-86Landon Newborn-86 Landon Newborn-84Landon Newborn-84 Landon Newborn-73Landon Newborn-73 Landon Newborn-72Landon Newborn-72 Landon Newborn-60Landon Newborn-60 Landon Newborn-68Landon Newborn-68 Landon Newborn-54Landon Newborn-54 Landon Newborn-78Landon Newborn-78 Landon Newborn-46Landon Newborn-46 Landon Newborn-41Landon Newborn-41 Landon Newborn-31Landon Newborn-31 Landon Newborn-25Landon Newborn-25 Landon Newborn-82Landon Newborn-82 Landon Newborn-19Landon Newborn-19 Landon Newborn-17Landon Newborn-17 Landon Newborn-66Landon Newborn-66 Landon Newborn-13Landon Newborn-13 Landon Newborn-6Landon Newborn-6

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Kristy & Phil | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Engagement Session Just over a month left until these two tie the knot!  Their engagement session was on the same freakishly warm February day as Aiden's cake smash so we were able to enjoy being outside without red ears and noses!  When I first met these two, last year to talk wedding, they gave me the impression that Phil may be one of 'those guys'.  You know the ones who HATE being in front of a camera, HATE having their picture taken, basically the kind of guy that complains through 90% of wedding photography?...Well, let's just say that wasn't the case at all. As a matter of fact, he may be one of the most comfortable people I've ever had in front of my camera :) Lots of laughs throughout their engagement session!  I am looking forward to celebrating and capturing their wedding day memories next month!!  


Kristy & Phil-2Kristy & Phil-2 Kristy & Phil-18Kristy & Phil-18 Kristy & Phil-6Kristy & Phil-6 Kristy & Phil-8Kristy & Phil-8 Kristy & Phil-9Kristy & Phil-9 Kristy & Phil-12Kristy & Phil-12 Kristy & Phil-14Kristy & Phil-14 Kristy & Phil-21Kristy & Phil-21 Kristy & Phil-22Kristy & Phil-22 Kristy & Phil-35Kristy & Phil-35 Kristy & Phil-23Kristy & Phil-23 Kristy & Phil-26Kristy & Phil-26 Kristy & Phil-34Kristy & Phil-34 Kristy & Phil-28Kristy & Phil-28 Kristy & Phil-30Kristy & Phil-30 Kristy & Phil-39Kristy & Phil-39 Kristy & Phil-33Kristy & Phil-33 Kristy & Phil-41Kristy & Phil-41 Kristy & Phil-38Kristy & Phil-38

(Amber Yanovich Photography) engagment hidden Lake Gardens wedding Mon, 10 Apr 2017 19:23:15 GMT
Aiden | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Nine Month Old Boy Session Oh Aiden, you are the squishiest, sweetest little thing.  I mean just look at all those adorable rolls and those giant open mouth smiles!   These were photos from Aiden's nine-month-old session, when it was freakishly warm back in February and we were able to head outside in a tee shirt in Michigan, you won't find me complaining about that!  We've somehow already started planning out his first birthday session coming at the end of the month, which I am super excited about!  How does time go by so fast?!


Aiden 9 months-1Aiden 9 months-1 Aiden 9 months-6Aiden 9 months-6 Aiden 9 months-9Aiden 9 months-9 Aiden 9 months-10Aiden 9 months-10 Aiden 9 months-11Aiden 9 months-11 Aiden 9 months-12Aiden 9 months-12 Aiden 9 months-13Aiden 9 months-13 Aiden 9 months-18Aiden 9 months-18 Aiden 9 months-20Aiden 9 months-20 Aiden 9 months-23Aiden 9 months-23 Aiden 9 months-27Aiden 9 months-27 Aiden 9 months-28Aiden 9 months-28

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby boy children nine month old Wed, 05 Apr 2017 11:16:29 GMT
Eli | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | In-Home Newborn Boy Session Eli, Sweet adorable Eli.  They were lucky I didn't pack him up with all my stuff and take him home with me.  I loved those light, light blonde eyelashes and his easy going personality.  He did manage to poop right in my hand though...but I suppose his cuteness easily made up for that.  Besides, I'm not much of a girly, girl and after two kids of my own and years of working with animals, a little poop doesn't scare me.

Eli's mommy and daddy had purchased a few great props to use with his session and I just loved what they picked out, especially that little blue striped cap  Eli did amazing for his session, I've really had a run on nice and sleepy babies lately!  (I say that, now you know I'm going to have a run on hard to settle babies!!)


Eli Newborn-11Eli Newborn-11 Eli Newborn-13Eli Newborn-13 Eli Newborn-24Eli Newborn-24 Eli Newborn-32Eli Newborn-32 Eli Newborn-36Eli Newborn-36 Eli Newborn-38Eli Newborn-38 Eli Newborn-44Eli Newborn-44 Eli Newborn-50Eli Newborn-50 Eli Newborn-57Eli Newborn-57 Eli Newborn-59Eli Newborn-59 Eli Newborn-61Eli Newborn-61

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby boy newborn newborn boy newborns Tue, 14 Mar 2017 17:00:00 GMT
Elliott | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | In-Home Newborn Girl Session Elliott didn't think she wanted to sleep at first when I got there to start her session but as you see she pretty quickly gave into all my baby kryptonite, and a little milk coma.  I'm glad she did cause I brought SOO many props with me and got to use most of them!  She's such a tiny little peanut, I think she was my smallest newborn yet!  I'm happy that my newly made romper fit her cause she looked so cute in it, I was worried it would be too big!

Even big sister Ryan got to get in for a few photos, you can't tell me there is anything cuter than a newborn with their proud new BIG sibling!  We'll get to see Elliott again soon, she's on one of by 1st year baby plans!  I can't wait to see how much she grows!


Elliott Newborn-4Elliott Newborn-4 Elliott Newborn-12Elliott Newborn-12 Elliott Newborn-14Elliott Newborn-14 Elliott Newborn-18Elliott Newborn-18 Elliott Newborn-39Elliott Newborn-39 Elliott Newborn-21Elliott Newborn-21 Elliott Newborn-26Elliott Newborn-26 Elliott Newborn-34Elliott Newborn-34 Elliott Newborn-30Elliott Newborn-30 Elliott Newborn-31Elliott Newborn-31 Elliott Newborn-41Elliott Newborn-41 Elliott Newborn-28Elliott Newborn-28 Elliott Newborn-52Elliott Newborn-52 Elliott Newborn-58Elliott Newborn-58 Elliott Newborn-63Elliott Newborn-63

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby girl children newborn newborn girl newborn session newborns Mon, 13 Mar 2017 14:37:48 GMT
Jayce | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | One Year Old Cake Smash Session OMG, what a little ham Jayce was for his session.  I mean, just look at his pictures and tell me that this kid doesn't know how to have a good time!  Look at those smiles!  What a goof.  I loved watching him destroy his cake, even if he used his best smashing at his actual birthday party.  I feel like he was just pooping on everything I owned at his newborn session, and yet, somehow a whole year has happened since then.  (Just to be clear, he didn't poop on anything this time!)  


10x2010x20 Jayce 1 yearJayce 1 year Jayce 1 year-2Jayce 1 year-2 Jayce 1 year-14Jayce 1 year-14 Jayce 1 year-16Jayce 1 year-16 Jayce 1 year-18Jayce 1 year-18 Jayce 1 year-20Jayce 1 year-20 Jayce 1 year-21Jayce 1 year-21 Jayce 1 year-24Jayce 1 year-24 Jayce 1 year-29Jayce 1 year-29 Jayce 1 year-33Jayce 1 year-33 Jayce 1 year-36Jayce 1 year-36 Jayce 1 year-39Jayce 1 year-39

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby boy cake smash one one year old Fri, 10 Mar 2017 18:45:00 GMT
Ella | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Nine Month Old Girl Session If there were an award for babies who can straight face it through almost anything, Miss. Ella here, would be the winner.  We got a few smiles out of her, most of which she'd wait for me to put the camera down for but otherwise this girl is one serious lady!  (It just makes the smiles that much better when you can catch them!)  Hard to believe next time I see her she'll be turning ONE!  Time never slows down!


Ella 9 mo-14Ella 9 mo-14 Ella 9 mo-9Ella 9 mo-9 Ella 9 mo-19Ella 9 mo-19 Ella 9 mo-21Ella 9 mo-21 Ella 9 mo-27Ella 9 mo-27 Ella 9 mo-24Ella 9 mo-24 Ella 9 mo-29Ella 9 mo-29 Ella 9 mo-32Ella 9 mo-32 Ella 9 mo-39Ella 9 mo-39 Ella 9 mo-35Ella 9 mo-35


And since we were close to valentines day for her session we put together a little surprise for their daddy!


LOVE 10x20LOVE 10x20

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby girl nine month old nine months Thu, 09 Mar 2017 18:31:05 GMT
Henry | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | One Year Cake Smash Session I can't believe this handsome little guy is already one.  Again, how does time go by so fast!  This little guy LOVED his cake icing and his own tongue!!  What fun it's been to watch him grow over his first year!  Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!


Henry 1 year-1Henry 1 year-1 Henry 1 year-6Henry 1 year-6 Henry 1 year-9Henry 1 year-9 Henry 1 year-8Henry 1 year-8 Henry 1 year-12Henry 1 year-12 Henry 1 year-15Henry 1 year-15 Henry 1 year-18Henry 1 year-18 Henry 1 year-19Henry 1 year-19 Henry 1 year-21Henry 1 year-21 Henry 1 year-24Henry 1 year-24 Henry 1 year-26Henry 1 year-26 Henry 1 year-29Henry 1 year-29 Henry 1 year-32Henry 1 year-32 Henry 1 year-39Henry 1 year-39 Henry 1 year-36Henry 1 year-36 Henry 1 year-40Henry 1 year-40 Henry 1 year-54Henry 1 year-54 Henry 1 year-50Henry 1 year-50 Henry 1 year-56Henry 1 year-56

(Amber Yanovich Photography) One babies baby boy cake cake smash first birthday one year old Thu, 16 Feb 2017 20:09:26 GMT
Elliott | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Fresh 48 Miss. Elliott decided she was in a rush to meet her family.  A little back story, Elliott's mom asked me months ago about doing photos at the hospital of the other kids meeting their newest sibling. I offered to do them for free, since they've been amazing clients and I had never captured a fresh 48 session before (That is a session at the hospital in the first 2 days after birth.)  The only problem was with Elliott's due date, if she was born on schedule she was going to be born smack dab in the middle of my vacation.  Her mom kept telling me she thought Elliott would come early, that there was no way she was staying in 40 weeks.  Well, no doubt about it, Miss Elliott decided that she was ready to be born at just 35 weeks!  Luckily she was born without any respiratory issues.   At 5lbs 1oz she is just a tiny thing but she's doing great!  (And I got to be one of the first to meet her!) I can't wait to see her again on Monday for her newborn session!


Elliott Hospital Pics-10Elliott Hospital Pics-10 Elliott Hospital Pics-13Elliott Hospital Pics-13 Elliott Hospital Pics-8Elliott Hospital Pics-8 Elliott Hospital Pics-18Elliott Hospital Pics-18 Elliott Hospital Pics-20Elliott Hospital Pics-20 Elliott Hospital Pics-21Elliott Hospital Pics-21 Elliott Hospital Pics-23Elliott Hospital Pics-23 Elliott Hospital Pics-26Elliott Hospital Pics-26 Elliott Hospital Pics-27Elliott Hospital Pics-27 Elliott Hospital Pics-30Elliott Hospital Pics-30 Elliott Hospital Pics-33Elliott Hospital Pics-33 Elliott Hospital Pics-35Elliott Hospital Pics-35 Elliott Hospital Pics-38Elliott Hospital Pics-38 Elliott Hospital Pics-42Elliott Hospital Pics-42 Elliott Hospital Pics-43Elliott Hospital Pics-43 Elliott Hospital Pics-45Elliott Hospital Pics-45 Elliott Hospital Pics-47Elliott Hospital Pics-47 Elliott Hospital Pics-51Elliott Hospital Pics-51 Elliott Hospital Pics-55Elliott Hospital Pics-55 Elliott Hospital Pics-57Elliott Hospital Pics-57 Elliott Hospital Pics-62Elliott Hospital Pics-62 Elliott Hospital Pics-63Elliott Hospital Pics-63 Elliott Hospital Pics-65Elliott Hospital Pics-65 Elliott Hospital Pics-73Elliott Hospital Pics-73 Elliott Hospital Pics-75Elliott Hospital Pics-75 Elliott Hospital Pics-77Elliott Hospital Pics-77 Elliott Hospital Pics-81Elliott Hospital Pics-81

(Amber Yanovich Photography) . Fresh 48 Hospital babies baby hospital newborn newborn newborns Tue, 07 Feb 2017 20:26:13 GMT
Samantha | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Newborn Girl I've been super lucky lately with lots of great sleepers lately for newborn sessions!  I'm sure, just by typing that, I've cursed myself for some tough ones! :)  Ten-day-old, Samantha did amazing for her session!  I brought so many set-ups with me and mom even had a few things to incorporate, so, I was so happy that she was a very tolerant girl and we made it through all of them in record time!  Such a sweet little girl.  It was, as always, such an honor to capture her newborn photos!    Samantha is on one of my baby plans so we'll be seeing her more over the next year!!  


Samantha Newborn-5Samantha Newborn-5 Samantha Newborn-11Samantha Newborn-11 Samantha Newborn-12Samantha Newborn-12 Samantha Newborn-14Samantha Newborn-14 Samantha Newborn-17Samantha Newborn-17 Samantha Newborn-23Samantha Newborn-23 Samantha Newborn-27Samantha Newborn-27 Samantha Newborn-29Samantha Newborn-29 Samantha Newborn-36Samantha Newborn-36 Samantha Newborn-39Samantha Newborn-39 Samantha Newborn-44Samantha Newborn-44 Samantha Newborn-46Samantha Newborn-46 Samantha Newborn-51Samantha Newborn-51 Samantha Newborn-56Samantha Newborn-56 Samantha Newborn-60Samantha Newborn-60 Samantha Newborn-58Samantha Newborn-58

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Brittany & Christopher | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Maternity Just about the time that Michigan decided to remind us what cold winter days felt like, was Brittany's outdoor maternity session.  It was COLD, they were troopers, especially Brittany in that maternity gown, barefoot, on marble.  I always say that if you are brave enough to tough out the cold weather I'll always be brave enough to stand there with you and photograph!  Excited to meet their little man when he arrives in just a matter of weeks!


Watson Maternity-1Watson Maternity-1 Watson Maternity-2Watson Maternity-2 Watson Maternity-6Watson Maternity-6 Watson Maternity-5Watson Maternity-5 Watson Maternity-7Watson Maternity-7 Watson Maternity-12Watson Maternity-12 Watson Maternity-13Watson Maternity-13 Watson Maternity-14Watson Maternity-14 Watson Maternity-2Watson Maternity-2 Watson Maternity-15Watson Maternity-15 Watson Maternity-16Watson Maternity-16 Watson Maternity-17Watson Maternity-17 Watson Maternity-23Watson Maternity-23 Watson Maternity-26Watson Maternity-26 Watson Maternity-27Watson Maternity-27 Watson Maternity-29Watson Maternity-29 Watson Maternity-31Watson Maternity-31 Watson Maternity-39Watson Maternity-39 Watson Maternity-35Watson Maternity-35 Watson Maternity-40Watson Maternity-40 Watson Maternity-41Watson Maternity-41

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Expecting baby maternity Fri, 03 Feb 2017 16:28:20 GMT
Colt | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Two Year Old I can't believe this guy is already two, I feel like I was just doing his newborn session last month!  Colt was so stinkin' cute for his session.  At 18 months he really wasn't into looking at me with my camera much and surely wasn't going to smile unless we tried really hard.  At two, he started right off with his GQ posing and grinning ear to ear!  He was killing me.  After we braved a chilly morning for a few outdoor photos we headed inside to get messy, cause when you have a two year old and a studio type setting, you better give them something to do to keep them focused!  

Colt 2 yr-4Colt 2 yr-4 Colt 2 yr-7Colt 2 yr-7 Colt 2 yr-8Colt 2 yr-8 Colt 2 yr-9Colt 2 yr-9 Colt 2 yr-13Colt 2 yr-13 Colt 2 yr-17Colt 2 yr-17 Colt 2 yr-20Colt 2 yr-20 Colt 2 yr-21Colt 2 yr-21 Colt 2 yr-22Colt 2 yr-22 Colt 2 yr-24Colt 2 yr-24 Colt 2 yr-23Colt 2 yr-23

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Birthday Two birthday session children two year old Wed, 01 Feb 2017 18:42:51 GMT
Cameron Six Months | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Babies Cameron was all smiles when I walked in the door for his session.  By the time I had my backdrop set up and it was time for him to start modeling he wasn't really feeling it.  We'll chalk it up to teething cause we did get a few grins here and there.  Mom and dad sure put some effort in to keeping him happy and trying to get some smiled out of him!  Next time I see him I'll bring cake, then he'll love me for sure.   


Cameron 6mo-3Cameron 6mo-3 Cameron 6mo-5Cameron 6mo-5 Cameron 6mo-7Cameron 6mo-7 Cameron 6mo-10Cameron 6mo-10 Cameron 6mo-13Cameron 6mo-13 Cameron 6mo-15Cameron 6mo-15 Cameron 6mo-20Cameron 6mo-20 Cameron 6mo-19Cameron 6mo-19 Cameron 6mo-29Cameron 6mo-29 Cameron 6mo-31Cameron 6mo-31 Cameron 6mo-33Cameron 6mo-33 Cameron 6mo-44Cameron 6mo-44 Cameron-2Cameron-2

(Amber Yanovich Photography) 6 Months babies baby baby boy children six month old Mon, 30 Jan 2017 20:57:51 GMT
Harper | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Girl Harper decided to be born a little early.  So, by the time we got to her originally scheduled newborn session date, after not being able to bump her session up, she was already 3 weeks old!  I usually like to do newborn sessions under 14 days when possible, but this girl did awesome.  At first she was really touchy, making grumpy little faces every time I tried to straighten a finger, or move an arm, but once I had her bundled up snug and warm she slept like a dream for basically the whole session.  Check her out, such a tiny, sweet little peanut!


Harper-2Harper-2 Harper-24Harper-24 Harper-25Harper-25 Harper-30Harper-30 Harper-33Harper-33 Harper-34Harper-34 Harper-37Harper-37 Harper-43Harper-43 Harper-46Harper-46 Harper-51Harper-51 Harper-58Harper-58 Harper-53Harper-53 Harper-74Harper-74 Harper-63Harper-63 Harper-56Harper-56

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn babies baby newborn newborn girl newborns Sun, 29 Jan 2017 02:00:45 GMT
Connor | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Boy Connor wins for most chill baby.  I love when I get babies that totally get the milk coma that everyone talks so much about.  Once he had a full belly he was either sleeping or just content to look around checking things out in whichever position I had placed him in.  I've had a pretty big run on easy going babies lately. I'm waiting for the little trouble maker to come along and remind me that I am not the baby whisperer that I have everyone fooled into believing I am  ;)  Here's a look at some of my favorites from Connor's session, check out all his hair and those perfectly chunky cheeks!!

Connor117-2Connor117-2 Connor117-3Connor117-3 Connor117-7Connor117-7 Connor117-11Connor117-11 Connor117-12Connor117-12 Connor117-20Connor117-20 Connor117-22Connor117-22 Connor117-29Connor117-29 Connor117-34Connor117-34 Connor117-38Connor117-38 Connor117-44Connor117-44 Connor117-50Connor117-50 Connor117-59Connor117-59 Connor117-62Connor117-62

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby boy newborn newborns Wed, 18 Jan 2017 19:51:02 GMT
Rachel | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | High School Senior Rachel came all the way from California for her senior session.  Okay, okay so maybe she came for Christmas and just happened to want her senior pictures to be a little different than the norm, with some winter in them...but I'm going to claim she came for me.  While we didn't have snow we at least had a little ice for this ice skater, along with some great locations!  Rachel Senior-2Rachel Senior-2 Rachel Senior-6Rachel Senior-6 Rachel Senior-4Rachel Senior-4 Rachel Senior-9Rachel Senior-9 Rachel Senior-10Rachel Senior-10 Rachel Senior-13Rachel Senior-13 Rachel Senior-15Rachel Senior-15 Rachel Senior-19Rachel Senior-19 Rachel Senior-21Rachel Senior-21 Rachel Senior-20Rachel Senior-20 Rachel Senior-23Rachel Senior-23 Rachel Senior-25Rachel Senior-25 Rachel Senior-37Rachel Senior-37 Rachel Senior-29Rachel Senior-29 Rachel Senior-32Rachel Senior-32 Rachel Senior-47Rachel Senior-47 Rachel Senior-40Rachel Senior-40 Rachel Senior-46Rachel Senior-46

(Amber Yanovich Photography) High school Senior Seniors Winter senior session Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:01:50 GMT
Henry & Thomas | Jackson, MI Area Photographer | Newborn Twins These adorable little guys were referred to me by another area photographer ( I'm so happy she sent them my way.  Henry and Thomas did amazing for their session.  You never know what you'll get with multiples, lucky for me once these guys had a full belly they were in sleepy baby mode!  Thomas was born a whole 1.6lbs bigger than his brother Henry which you could definitely see how big a difference a little more than a pound makes on a newborn!  Not only were their weights different, but their skin tones also were very different from each other.  Just check out how cute these guys are:


Thomas&Henry-3Thomas&Henry-3 Thomas&Henry-5Thomas&Henry-5 Thomas&Henry-12Thomas&Henry-12 Thomas&Henry-16Thomas&Henry-16 Thomas&Henry-19Thomas&Henry-19 Thomas&Henry-20Thomas&Henry-20 Thomas&Henry-29Thomas&Henry-29 Thomas&Henry-36Thomas&Henry-36 Thomas&Henry-41Thomas&Henry-41 Thomas&Henry-38Thomas&Henry-38 Thomas&Henry-47Thomas&Henry-47 Thomas&Henry-54Thomas&Henry-54 Thomas&Henry-63Thomas&Henry-63

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Twin boys Twins newborn boys newborn twins newborns Mon, 16 Jan 2017 14:29:04 GMT
2016 K105.3 Bridal Fair | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer | Wedding Photography One thing I haven't spent much time doing outside of Facebook is advertising my business and getting my name out there.  So when I heard about the K105.3 Bridal Fair I decided it would be a great spot to do my first vendor show since I'm interested in working on more weddings than I have in the past this year.  And last I knew Jackson no longer has the belly to baby expo which would be PERFECT for a "newborn" booth!

So for someone who had never even been to a bridal show before, where do you start on designing your first booth??  Where does anyone start with any DIY project these days?  Pinterest of course!  I read through hundreds of articles from other photographers about what to expect, what to have available etc. before I finally found a few ideas that fit my own style pretty well to use as a starting point.  I was thinking country/rustic which is definitely my style!  I'm pretty happy with how it all came together out of the storage totes I've been collecting all the pieces into over the past 3-4 months!  

I had a great time and talked to so many brides and their family and friends.  All in all, I'm calling it a success!  Not only did I get to talk to lots of brides, I was able to connect with quite a few other local wedding businesses,  which is always great to have other great vendors to suggest when people ask for referrals!  I can't wait to work with my new brides at some new, fun, unique & personal wedding locations!

Don't forget, 15% off all wedding packages ends February 1st!  This is a great way to get an upgraded package!

I'll be back for more next year!















































7T4A66107T4A6610 7T4A66127T4A6612


7T4A66137T4A6613 7T4A66147T4A6614






































7T4A66207T4A6620 7T4A66227T4A6622

















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When Should I Book My Newborn Session? | Jackson, MI | Newborn Photographer You've probably seen my posts about making sure to book your newborn session early, ideally in the second trimester!  If you are a first time mom, or someone who has never done newborn photos before, you may be thinking, how can I book a session when we don't KNOW when baby will decide to come?  What I typically do is pick a date on my schedule that works for both of us about a week after your due date as a tentative date, if your baby is due during a busy time of year for me, I may choose to pick a back up date a week after the first tentative date also.  The whole reason it's so helpful to book early is because babies don't always come on time, sometimes they even decide to come a little early.  The fact that birth dates are unpredictable and newborn sessions are time consuming makes it all that much more important to think ahead.  

Why do I say newborn sessions are time consuming?  Have you ever tried to pose a newborn?  Sure, they are all cute and sweet when they are asleep, but sometimes getting them to sleep can be a challenge.  And, if they aren't asleep?  Hello startle reflexes, flailing arms and limbs, and newborn tendency to cross eyes when trying to focus on whats around them.  Newborn sessions take more time for planning, I send out questionnaires to each of my newborn moms to get an idea of what kind of colors they like etc. to make the session more personal for them. Prop selection, packing and prep before the session not to mention the up to 4 hour long session, laundry after the session and hours spend editing those sweet images, all need to be taken into account.  I work a full time job in addition to running a photography business so that only leaves me three days a week in which I can shoot sessions.  Already time is limited, then add the fact that a newborn takes approximately half of my day when you factor in that I do newborn sessions in home and have travel time as well, you can see how quickly my schedule can be filled when I have other sessions in addition to newborns.  Weekends are frequently filled weeks in advance.  As much as I hate to turn away newborns (THEY ARE MY FAVORITE AFTER ALL), there are only so many hours in a day (I know I try to squeeze in extra but it never works!).  Booking early for your newborn session doesn't commit you to a specific date (unless your baby comes on schedule, or your are a scheduled cesarean!), it does ensure that I have reserved time blocks on my calendar to make sure that I can squeeze in a newborn session should I have to bump your date up or back.  Most importantly, keep in contact with your photographer to let them know when your baby has arrived or if it looks like baby isn't going to arrive in time for their tentative date.  You don't have to be formal with me, text, facebook message, email or phone call are all fine options of communication.  

When possible, I like to do newborn sessions when baby is under 14 days old.  The older babies get the more time they spend awake and alert which makes sleepy curled up poses more difficult some times.  Frequently when people wait to contact me about newborn sessions until after the birth, the baby is already 1-2 weeks of age, this means by the time I get to them for their newborn session they can sometimes be closer to a month old already!  

Occasionally things happen where we don't get to make the choice of which age we get a baby at.   If you happen to have a baby scheduled who ends up needing to spend some time in the NICU keep in contact with your photographer and try when possible to get your baby scheduled 1-2 weeks after you are cleared to take baby home.    

If it's time to book your newborn session, contact me [email protected] to get your session scheduled!

Ariella Newborn-17Ariella Newborn-17

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby newborn photography sessions Wed, 11 Jan 2017 16:22:04 GMT
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! | Cake Smash | Jackson, MI Area Photographer When your hairstylist wants to get in on the cake smash sessions and she's celebrating her 35th birthday, you make it happen!  I can see why these adult cake smashes are becoming so popular, this whole session was a riot!


Happy 35 & Fabulous Becky!!!




























Adults are so much better at glitter than young children!

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Adult cake smash cake smash Fri, 24 Jun 2016 20:27:28 GMT
Videto Family | Maternity Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Back in March I met up with the Video family again to capture some photos of baby Videto #2 on the way.  I always love using their family farm for images, rural settings are always a favorite for me, especially when they mean something to the people in them.  I can't wait to see Madilyn take on her new big sister role!


Videto Maternity-1Videto Maternity-1 Videto Maternity-5Videto Maternity-5 Videto Maternity-8Videto Maternity-8 Videto Maternity-6Videto Maternity-6   Videto Maternity-12Videto Maternity-12 Videto Maternity-14Videto Maternity-14 Videto Maternity-13Videto Maternity-13 Videto Maternity-16Videto Maternity-16 Videto Maternity-21Videto Maternity-21 Videto Maternity-23Videto Maternity-23 Videto Maternity-22Videto Maternity-22
Videto Maternity-25Videto Maternity-25 Videto Maternity-26Videto Maternity-26 Videto Maternity-27Videto Maternity-27 Videto Maternity-32Videto Maternity-32

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Maternity babies baby expecting family Mon, 25 Apr 2016 13:18:52 GMT
Enzo | First Birthday Cake Smash | Jackson, MI Area Photographer It's amazing how fast babies go from this:

To this:

Enzo 1yr (45)Enzo 1yr (45)


These babies who are on grow up plans with me seem to grow up even faster than my own babies!  I feel like every time I blink it's time for them to visit me again for another milestone!  Enzo was no exception, I feel like I was just stalking Facebook waiting to see his Momma's status update saying that he'd arrived!  (oh yes, if you are my facebook friend and a client I totally stalk you in the days prior to your due date!)  

Anyhow, Enzo was one heck of a cake smasher, he got right in there and dug through the cake like a dog trying to dig a hole!  He was far too cute with his cake, easy to say he enjoyed himself!

Enzo 1yr (1)Enzo 1yr (1)

Enzo 1yr (3)Enzo 1yr (3)

Enzo 1yr (7)Enzo 1yr (7)

Enzo 1yr (12)Enzo 1yr (12)

Enzo 1yr (16)Enzo 1yr (16)

Enzo 1yr (17)Enzo 1yr (17)

Enzo 1yr (19)Enzo 1yr (19)

Enzo 1yr (24)Enzo 1yr (24)

Enzo 1yr (27)Enzo 1yr (27)

Enzo 1yr (28)Enzo 1yr (28)

Enzo 1yr (32)Enzo 1yr (32) Enzo 1yr (38)Enzo 1yr (38)

(Amber Yanovich Photography) cake smash first birthday one year old Fri, 15 Apr 2016 12:29:53 GMT
Sawyer | First Birthday Cake Smash | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Sawyer is one busy little boy.  The last two times that I saw him he was a little too small to be on the go.  But, this time, he sure didn't have time for sitting still.  No doubt, he's just trying his best to keep up with his older siblings! He sure had a fun time smashing his cake, hamming it up for the camera and letting his balloons fly up to the ceiling!


Sawyer 1 (2)Sawyer 1 (2)

Sawyer 1 (5)Sawyer 1 (5)

Sawyer 1 (8)Sawyer 1 (8)

Sawyer 1 (9)Sawyer 1 (9)

Sawyer 1 (6)Sawyer 1 (6)

Sawyer 1 (36)Sawyer 1 (36)

Sawyer 1 (16)Sawyer 1 (16)

Sawyer 1 (19)Sawyer 1 (19)

Sawyer 1 (31)Sawyer 1 (31)

Sawyer 1 (33)Sawyer 1 (33)

Sawyer 1 (34)Sawyer 1 (34)

Sawyer 1 (23)Sawyer 1 (23)

(Amber Yanovich Photography) cake smash first birthday one year old Thu, 14 Apr 2016 02:24:10 GMT
Henry | Newborn Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Breaking my Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy streak of newborn session was Mr. Henry.  He was so stinking adorable!  I seem to have had a run on babies that just don't want to sleep for long lately, we'd get him sleeping but you couldn't dare move him or he was right back awake!  But even awake he was such a content little guy right up to the end of his session!  Mom and dad had lots of great props to use with him and I love how personal their images ended up because of them.   Henry (2)Henry (2) Henry (7)Henry (7) Henry (11)Henry (11) Henry (14)Henry (14) Henry (17)Henry (17) Henry (15)Henry (15) Henry (19)Henry (19) Henry (20)Henry (20) Henry (24)Henry (24) Henry (23)Henry (23) Henry (27)Henry (27) Henry (30)Henry (30) Henry (35)Henry (35) Henry (38)Henry (38) Henry (59)Henry (59) Henry (66)Henry (66)

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby boy newborn newborn boy newborns Thu, 24 Mar 2016 17:41:47 GMT
Don & Erica | Engagement Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Don and Erica will be tying the knot this May, but before the I Do's we got together for a snowy engagement session in Marshall, MI.  As much as I'm happy to see the snow go and the warmer temperatures come in, it sure did make for some pretty pictures at the park.  These two also enjoy the craft beer scene so while we were in the area we snapped a few shots at Darkhorse Brewery.  I can't wait to celebrate with these two at their wedding!


Don & Erica (7)Don & Erica (7) Don & Erica (10)Don & Erica (10) Don & Erica (12)Don & Erica (12) Don & Erica (15)Don & Erica (15) Don & Erica (18)Don & Erica (18) Don & Erica (26)Don & Erica (26) Don & Erica (40)Don & Erica (40) Don & Erica (45)Don & Erica (45) Don & Erica (52)Don & Erica (52) Don & Erica (57)Don & Erica (57) Don & Erica (61)Don & Erica (61) Don & Erica (65)Don & Erica (65)

(Amber Yanovich Photography) couples engagement wedding Mon, 14 Mar 2016 14:40:48 GMT
Jayce | Newborn Session | Jackson, MI Photographer Jayce.  Jayce who pooped on all my things, and me.  :)  Seriously he wins the award for # of pee's and poop's during a newborn session!

I'm the crazy lady who always gets excited about newborns.  I used to be weirded out by tiny little newborn babies until I had my own.  Now, I'm slightly obsessed with them, and snuggling on everyone else's keeps me from thinking that I need anymore.  Add into my newborn baby obsession, one of my favorite people at work, who I've talked all kinds of baby related thing with throughout her pregnancy and both of my own, it's almost as exciting as having my own to get to finally meet and photograph them.  So it's okay Jayce, I totally forgive you for the poop!  

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn Boy newborn Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19:59:28 GMT
The Owen Family | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Sometime's when you gain a sister-in-law you also gain some of their family, if you are lucky.  My sister-in-law is one of nine siblings, who all happen to be very close.  So, not only did I get the sister I always wanted, I gained a whole lot of people that I consider to be family.  Kacie is part of that extended family.  When she messaged me over the new year, wanting snow pictures, we picked a date but ended up rescheduling to later in February, little did we know they'd end up with one of THE COLDEST weekends of the year!  But at least there was snow!  You can't tell by the photos because they rocked it, but this session happened in record time.  Amazing what a little cold air can do for you!  I always say if you are willing to brave the weather for a session, so am I!

These two will be tying the knot this summer in a destination wedding at one of the most beautiful locations that Michigan has to offer!  I can't wait to help them celebrate at their reception!


Kacie&Travis-1Kacie&Travis-1 Kacie&Travis-6Kacie&Travis-6 Kacie&Travis-8Kacie&Travis-8 Kacie&Travis-11Kacie&Travis-11 Kacie&Travis-10Kacie&Travis-10 Kacie&Travis-12Kacie&Travis-12 Kacie&Travis-16Kacie&Travis-16 Kacie&Travis-18Kacie&Travis-18 Kacie&Travis-15Kacie&Travis-15

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19:44:08 GMT
Alivia | Nine Month Old Session | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer I can't believe this girl is so close to being a one year old already, it feels like I was just meeting her and her parents doing her newborn session!  Alivia has so much personality, I just love seeing her for sessions.  And those little teeth?!  Adorable.  It never hurts that Alivia's mom always has lots of cute ideas for her sessions too, I love when people get as into it as I do!


Aliva9mo-6Aliva9mo-6 Aliva9mo-10Aliva9mo-10 Aliva9mo-17Aliva9mo-17 Aliva9mo-28Aliva9mo-28 Aliva9mo-33Aliva9mo-33 Aliva9mo-47Aliva9mo-47 Aliva9mo-53Aliva9mo-53 Aliva9mo-38Aliva9mo-38

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19:23:06 GMT
Jeffrey | Six Month Old Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer This little guy has done a lot of growing since I saw him last!  He was all smiles and easy going personality for our session.  Jeffrey is one of my baby plan babies so we'll be seeing him again for his 1st birthday, I can't wait to see what kind of cake smash session he'll have!!  


Jeffery 6mo-3Jeffery 6mo-3 Jeffery 6mo-10Jeffery 6mo-10 Jeffery 6mo-13Jeffery 6mo-13 Jeffery 6mo-24Jeffery 6mo-24 Jeffery 6mo-26Jeffery 6mo-26 Jeffery 6mo-27Jeffery 6mo-27 Jeffery 6mo-31Jeffery 6mo-31 Jeffery 6mo-36Jeffery 6mo-36 Jeffery 6mo-41Jeffery 6mo-41

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19:11:16 GMT
Amelia | Newborn Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer My first newborn of 2016 was fittingly born on New Years Day!  Little Amelia did amazing for her session, she was wide awake for a little bit but quickly succumbed to my baby sleep kryptonite and stayed pretty sleepy throughout the rest of her session.  She seriously had the perfect little chubby cheeks!  


Newborn Amelia-2Newborn Amelia-2 Newborn Amelia-10Newborn Amelia-10 Newborn Amelia-13Newborn Amelia-13 Newborn Amelia-30Newborn Amelia-30 Newborn Amelia-28Newborn Amelia-28 Newborn Amelia-33Newborn Amelia-33 Newborn Amelia-40Newborn Amelia-40 Newborn Amelia-42Newborn Amelia-42 Newborn Amelia-22Newborn Amelia-22

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies newborn newborn girl newborns Fri, 12 Feb 2016 11:45:00 GMT
The Rising Family | Family Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Jeff and his kids met me at Hidden Lake Gardens a few weeks ago for their family session.  The plan was to use the observatory as an indoor location, because Michigan at the end of January, you never know what you are going to get.  We lucked out with early morning temperatures in the 40's, so the kids could tolerate a few outside pictures before we headed inside to finish up.  Hidden Lake Gardens is quite the drive for me but it never disappoints, even in the dead of winter with some of the drives that I wanted to go down closed off, it is a beautiful location choice with TONS of variety.

Rising (4)Rising (4) Rising (2)Rising (2) Rising (3)Rising (3) Rising (8)Rising (8) Rising (9)Rising (9) Rising (17)Rising (17) Rising (27)Rising (27) Rising (35)Rising (35)

(Amber Yanovich Photography) family hidden lake gardens Thu, 11 Feb 2016 12:19:08 GMT
Ryan | Nine Month Old | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer I first met Ryan when she was three months old, she wasn't very thrilled about her session then and we really had to work for just a few smiles at her six month session.  We had a Christmas mini session and she was finally all smiles for me.  I knew that she'd be more into being in front of the camera for her nine month photos and she didn't disappoint!  She gave me lots of smiles and silly faces this time around!  I can't wait to see what she does with her cake smash session! 

Ryan 9month (12)Ryan 9month (12) Ryan 9month (42)Ryan 9month (42) Ryan 9month (91)Ryan 9month (91) Ryan 9month (50)Ryan 9month (50) Ryan 9month (67)Ryan 9month (67) Ryan 9month (78)Ryan 9month (78) Ryan 9month (15)Ryan 9month (15)

(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies nine month old valentine Tue, 02 Feb 2016 21:38:38 GMT
Colt | First Birthday Cake Smash Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Colt's mom received the first year baby plan photography package as a baby shower gift, the best part of having a baby plan package is that I get to watch them grow and change from a helpless little newborns to a mobile one year old's full of their own little personalities.  It's hard to believe (even for me) that it's been a whole year already.  I can't wait to see him again in six months for his 18 month session!


Colt Cake Smash (26)Colt Cake Smash (26) Colt Cake Smash (32)Colt Cake Smash (32) Colt Cake Smash (36)Colt Cake Smash (36) Colt Cake Smash (38)Colt Cake Smash (38) Colt Cake Smash (46)Colt Cake Smash (46) Colt Cake Smash (48)Colt Cake Smash (48)


Check out this adorable smash cake that Colt's Grandma made for his birthday session:

Colt Cake Smash (53)Colt Cake Smash (53) Colt Cake Smash (56)Colt Cake Smash (56) Colt Cake Smash (75)Colt Cake Smash (75) Colt Cake Smash (3)Colt Cake Smash (3) Colt Cake Smash (8)Colt Cake Smash (8) Colt Cake Smash (7)Colt Cake Smash (7) Colt Cake Smash (16)Colt Cake Smash (16) Colt Cake Smash (20)Colt Cake Smash (20) Colt Cake Smash (21)Colt Cake Smash (21)



(Amber Yanovich Photography) Babies cake smash one year old Mon, 01 Feb 2016 20:39:00 GMT
2015 GardenTrailThankYouCardGardenTrailThankYouCard


Doing some end of the year business things and I wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of my clients over the past year!  108 individual sessions for the year!  Not to shabby considering this is a part time gig in addition to my full time job!  Here's a look back on 2015!  




Alivia 6mo-3Alivia 6mo-3


Cardwell (3)Cardwell (3)

Bentley NB (11)Bentley NB (11)

Donavin (72)Donavin (72)

Looking forward to all that 2016 has to bring!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) 2015 up wrap Mon, 21 Dec 2015 18:12:56 GMT
Holiday Greeting Card Options Please keep in mind the orientation of your favorite images when selecting which card format you would like!  We can personalize wording if there is something you'd like to change.

If you would like to order your holiday cards through Amber Yanovich Photography the cost is:

$35.00/package of 25 double sided 5x7 cards w/envelopes.  They are printed on heavy card stock and the quality is amazing.  I use them myself every year!


Option 1: 

Option 2:
Option 3:
Option 4: 
Option 6:
Option 7:
Option 8:
Option 9:
Option 10 (backside will be full vertical image):
(Amber Yanovich Photography) Mon, 16 Nov 2015 20:33:59 GMT
Christmas Mini Sessions Now that the fall mini sessions are complete, it's time for Holiday Mini sessions!  These will take place OUTSIDE (so dress for the weather cause you never know what we'll get in November)  at my home in Parma.  I will have a holiday themed backdrop created to use with a decorated tree & presents, as well as some of the props I used last year with my own kids available for use if you are interested in some of the "santa" themed images.  Get the kids in pajamas or maybe their fancy Christmas dresses (you know if it's not -20 degrees), or bundle up in some adorable winter wear.  We'll make it snappy so so the really little ones don't get too ansy and the big ones don't complain too much, hopefully no one (Mom & Dad) needs a drink when it's over!  


 Full payment is required to book a time slot.  Choose your option from one of three packages available.  Package #1 & #2 are for children only, no adults/family poses. All packages include a personalized template for a holiday greeting card and print release.


Double sided 5x7 holiday flat cards can be purchased after your session as an add on at $35.00/25 cards, I'll do all the work you just have to address the envelopes!


 Message me to book your session [email protected].



(Amber Yanovich Photography) Mon, 26 Oct 2015 16:28:24 GMT
Mother's Day Photography Sessions Giveaway!!! | Giveaways | Jackson, MI Area Photographer In honor of Mothers Day and because I wanted to do something special for a lucky mom out there, this giveaway is for all the Mothers to be/Expecting mom's!  Please read all details and fine print at the bottom! Be sure to share contest details with any expectant mothers that you know!

($500 value)

*Giveaway is limited to the Jackson, Michigan area only.  Otherwise, the winner is responsible for all travel costs outside of 50 miles round trip.

**Winner of the contest must be the user of the sessions, sessions may not be transferred to another person, so don't try to win for your sister, daughter, cousin!!    

***Free Session fee's DO NOT include any printed products or digital images.  Print products and digital files can be purchased à la carte after each session.  Each session will include 20 edited images in an online shareable private viewing gallery.  One year session can be upgraded to a One Year Cake Smash session for an additional fee.


Enter Through the Rafflecopter links below!  Entries can be made through Sunday, May 10th, 2015.  Drawing for the winner will be made and announced on Monday, May 11th, 2015.  


Some users are having problems with their entries, if you are on a mobile device (cell phone, iPad, tablet etc.) try using this link instead if you have issues

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Babies Giveaway Newborn Mon, 04 May 2015 13:07:13 GMT
Alex One Year Cake Smash | Cake Smash | Jackson, MI Area Photographer One type of session that I am going to start offering is the customized cake smash sessions for one year olds.  I've been dying to do these because they are so much fun and personal to each child.  Of course who else to guinea pig my ideas on than my own children.   For Alex's first birthday his party theme was Mickey Mouse so I decided to use that theme for his cake smash session and do it the weekend prior to his party so that I could use the images from his session for decorations.  

One of my wedding clients mentioned during her engagement session that she does cakes.  I contacted her to see if she would be interested in working with me on cake smash cakes for these sessions, told her what I had in mind and let her run with it.  I couldn't be more happy with the work she's done!  Her cakes have been amazing and adorable.  

The decorations for this session (pinwheels, poofs, confetti Mickeys and the letters he is holding) were all designed and made by me. I ordered his shirt and diaper cover from Polkadotologie on Etsy, his tie from PeytonsPrettiesShop on Etsy and the Mickey ears are from the disney store.  

In addition to Alex's session I have a few more of these under my belt and I can say that they are a lot of work personalizing and planning but they are so much fun and so personal to each child that I just love these sessions.  I'm thinking about adding them to the end of my newborn through 1 year packages, or as an add on so that the price doesn't change on the packages for those not interested.  As soon as I come up with a standard pricing for these sessions I will get it posted.  


(Amber Yanovich Photography) Babies baby boy cake smash one year old Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:15:00 GMT
Six Month Old Lila | Babies | Jackson, MI Photographer These babies just grow so quick, I love seeing them as they age and develop personalities.  Lila was so full of silly faces and personality for her six month session, she had me laughing the whole time.  Check out how much this girl has grown in the past six months!  I can't wait to see how much she's changed in the next six months!



(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby girl six month old Tue, 28 Apr 2015 11:54:13 GMT
Pinteresting Inspiration Are you a Pinterest addict like myself?  With nearly 8,000 pins I've got a slight addiction.  It sure did take the place of an internet "favorites" folder that was about a mile long though.  It is such a great resource for planning anything and everything!  It's probably in my top 5 of my favorite places to waste time online!  I have a love/hate for the fact that it wasn't around back when I got married and planned a wedding!!

I recently merged my personal Pinterest account with my business account since I find myself too lazy to log out of anything to switch user accounts.  My business account was sitting there so lonely with no one adding pins to it.  So now, if you don't already, you can follow me on Pinterest.  We can be friends and you can share some of your personal inspirations with me.  This is incredibly useful for wedding planning and those poses that you just have to have!!  I have inspiration boards for all kinds of photography things as well as things from my own personal life.  Keep up with what projects I'm planning based on what I'm currently pinning, there's always a household project, birthday party, photo session in the works!!  I always love a good laugh & a delicious new recipe.   Stop by on Pinterest, say hi! 


Visit Amber Yanovich Photography's profile on Pinterest.

(Amber Yanovich Photography) Pinterest Wed, 22 Apr 2015 19:50:16 GMT
Newborn Enzo | Newborns | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Little Enzo is joining me for the next year for a milestones package!   I cannot wait to see how adorable he is at six months when he can sit up!  Enzo's mom is one of my favorite people at my other job!  I am so excited for her and her husband as they are starting their journey as parents, they couldn't have gotten a cuter little man!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn baby boy baby photographer newborn boy Thu, 09 Apr 2015 14:30:00 GMT
Newborn Eddie | Newborns | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer When a new baby is born in my family, you know I snatch them up as quickly as I can to be little model's for me, right?    My cousin's new baby Eddie was willing to fight sleep for all he had but eventually even he got sleepy and gave in!  How cute is this little man!?


(Amber Yanovich Photography) baby baby photographer newborn boy newborns Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:25:11 GMT
Newborn Session Tips
(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies children newborns Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:08:31 GMT
Olivia Three Months Old | Babies | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Olivia is another of my sweet little clients that I get to watch grow up this year!  She was full of smiles and ready for her session with me this time.  I'm not sure I've ever met a happier three month old.  She squeezed into a pair of pants that I made for newborn session but you can really tell how much growing they do in those first months!  


(Amber Yanovich Photography) 3 month old baby girl three month old Tue, 17 Mar 2015 15:45:00 GMT
Colt 8 Days New | Newborns | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Colt is on my first year plan so we'll be able to watch him grow up over this next year.  I can't wait to see how much he's change from just newborn to three months.  Colt's newborn session was great, other than he decided to mess on his parents new couch, gotta break those new parents in somehow I guess!  He was very content for his session as long as his belly was full and he was wrapped up tight!  I was happy to be able to use some more of my upcycled clothing on him.  The green and grey striped hat and pants set used to be one of my maternity shirts!  Mom supplied the great Tigers hat and the MSU hat (Go Green!) Here are some of my favorite from this sweet boys session!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn baby boy newborn Boy newborns Mon, 16 Mar 2015 15:45:00 GMT
Myla 25 Days New | Newborns | Jackson, MI Photographer Myla, Miss. Myla with the perfect mohawk!  What a doll this girl was.  She was another of my 'older' newborns at 25 days old.  As usual with my older babies it was a little work to get her sleeping but once she was out she did great until we'd reached the end of her session where she decided she was pretty much over family photos.  Myla's mommy had done some perfect online shopping and purchased the gorgeous pink bloomers with the rhinestone headband and the darling wings and white feathery headband.  I love when clients have something special to incorporate with their session.  Here's a look at some of my favorites!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) Newborn Girl Newborn newborns Wed, 11 Mar 2015 15:30:00 GMT
Miles 9 Months Old | Babies | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Miles just keeps on getting cuter!  

Winter for me here in Michigan, means lots of indoor sessions, while they are not my favorite location I am learning  to work better every time with my camera and natural indoor lighting.  Someday the hope will be to have my own studio space, then I will get myself lighting and learn how to use strobes!  Until then I work with natural lighting or my external flash.  I usually take my supplies with me to the client so a lot of times I don't know ahead of time what the lighting situation will be like at someone else's home.  Luckily for me most people seem to get better natural light than I get in my own home!  Having a strobe would have worked out great for Miles session but we made do with what we had and with Mile's good looks we got some great ones!  I just love those chubby naked baby feet!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) 9 month old babies baby boy nine months Tue, 10 Mar 2015 15:15:00 GMT
Jordyn 28days New | Newborns | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Jordyn was a little older than my typical newborn session, I typically recommend doing newborn sessions in the first two weeks of life.  While its usually the best time frame, it's not always practical, or newborn photography is an afterthought and the time frame has already passed.  While some newborn photographers will turn away newborns past 14 days, I will still attempt them.  I notify parents ahead of time that we may not get some of the really curled up newborn poses as you can get when they are really fresh, and some of the older babies do not have sleeping on their agendas during a session.  Little Jordyn made us work to get her to sleep but once she was finally out she did great.  She made me happy to have not turned away an "older" newborn session!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) newborn newborn girl newborns Mon, 09 Mar 2015 15:03:56 GMT
Rob & Olivia Tie The Knot | Weddings | Jackson, MI Area Photographer I'm always so honored when someone chooses me to photograph one of the most important days of their lives.  Weddings are a lot of work and stress since you are in charge of capturing someones memories of the big day.  Aside from the stressful part,  they are a ton of fun.  The fun part is especially true when it's a wedding of someone you have known for a long time.  When end up knowing a lot of people at the event and everyone is a little more comfortable with each other.  People tend to act like themselves in front of the camera right off the bat.  I've know Rob and his family since probably my elementary school days!

Olivia and Rob tied the knot on December 27, 2015.  The wedding and reception all took place at the Commonwealth Commerce Center in Jackson, Mi.  Unfortunately we didn't have any of the lovely snow that we've had here now for the past month, I feel like if you have a December wedding Mother Nature oughta at least let you have snow! Our outdoor shots don't show off the winter setting, or how cold it was out there for the quick time that we went out for group shots and their couple shots!  The girls were troopers freezing in their dresses!  

Also I have to send a huge thank you out to my friend Leslie who has been helping me out as a second shooter at weddings.  She is fun to work with and a huge help to me to keep me organized and help with posing.  Part of my wedding package price increase this year is so the girl can get paid for the amount of help she is to me!  :)

Looking forward to the upcoming 2015 weddings this year!  I am still booking weddings for 2015 and as always offering 10% off weddings that are booked at least a year in advance.  


(Amber Yanovich Photography) Wedding Weddings Mon, 23 Feb 2015 17:33:10 GMT
Carson is six months old | Babies | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Little Carson just keeps getting bigger.  I've had an easier time keeping track of these babies who are on milestone sessions when I have my own baby.  I just know that after I plan out Alex's next milestone then I have X baby, and X baby shortly after.  That and I'm trying to be obsessively organized with crazy amounts of sticky notes throughout my planner so that I know when the next milestone is for each baby.  So even if I don't contact you before you contact me to schedule, just know that it's in my planner and I wouldn't forget you!  

I've been working on planning up some fun new custom 1 year old sessions (cake smashes!!), and I can't wait for my current round of babies to be testers for me!  SO MUCH FUN!  Of course I'm still looking for that clone me who is supposed to find the time to work out all my hairbrained schemes for me!  

Anyhow, Carson is already six months old (even older than that by the time I post this blog!).  He is adorable and gives me tons of sweet baby smiles throughout his sessions!  Such a happy little man!


(Amber Yanovich Photography) babies baby baby boy six month old Tue, 03 Feb 2015 14:57:37 GMT
Weston Nine Days New | Newborns | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Another of my pre-Christmas newborns was nine day old Weston.  His parents had his late great grandfathers dog tags on hand to use in his session along with a great old flag.  I just love the result!  I love when parent's have an idea, prop or a theme that they want to use in their session.  It makes their session special and unique to them.  Of course when people just let me have free reign of their session it's pretty fun too!    

Here are some highlights from Weston's newborn session

(Amber Yanovich Photography) baby newborn newborn boy Mon, 02 Feb 2015 13:15:00 GMT
Landon | Newborns | Jackson, MI Area Photographer It's taken me about three years to decide what my absolute favorite area of photography is, without a doubt, I'm loving newborn sessions more and more each time.  Fortunately for me I've been pretty busy with newborn session this winter.  Each and every session seems to go better and better and I can see myself improve in my angles and poses each time, not to mention as I learn more and more about editing newborn skin!  I Wouldn't mind doing newborn sessions all day, every day!  Someone buy me a studio to store all my props in!

Little Landon here was 10 days old at our session, which is in the prime under two weeks age.  He did great and slept like a champ for the majority of his session!  

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Darrin & Ashley Are Gonna Get Married! | Engagement | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer Ashley and Darrin really wanted snow for their engagement session, I love when people WANT to do snow pictures.  The snow is a great reflector and the photos always seem to turn out so beautiful.  Of course when you want snow in early December in Michigan, you get 50 degree temperatures instead.  While we were down on snow at least no body had to freeze outside for pictures!  Pretty soon these two will be abandoning Michigan for their destination wedding, how welcomed will that be after another Michigan winter!?  I tried to convince them to take me in their suitcases.  :) Here are some of my favorites from their session.





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The McMurtrie/Underwood Family | Family Session| Jackson, Mi Area Photographer It's funny to see children from the people you grew up with as a kid.  You know, the friends who you spent your childhood with.   Then they grow up and have kids of their own that look so much like them it's like going back in time!  Every time I see this bunch of kids it blows my mind how old we've gotten :)  ha!  

I spent so much of my childhood with these kid's parents, it's so fun to get a peek in on them and their kids as they grow!  If you told me when we were kids that they would both end up with four kids each I would have laughed!  They are great parents and it shows in their little ones!


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The McGuire/Foxx Family | Family Session| Jackson, MI Area Photographer While the McGuire/Foxx family was in town to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday we met up for an extended family session.  It's hard to get everyone together for a photo session when you all live in the same town, even harder when you are spread out across the country!  I love when I get a message from a family who wants to set up an extended family session, all sessions are special but when you can get everyone together at once, that is impressive!  Here are a few from their session  

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The Allen Family | Christmas Mini Session | Jackson, MI Area Photographer The downside to this photography business not being my full time job is that I don't have a dedicated space to use for indoor photography.  Lucky for me we have the Amtrak station in Jackson to use, not only is it a neat historical building, but they have one of the most gorgeous Christmas trees every year!  I met up with the Allen Family for a quick Christmas mini session and put that tree to work!  I just love all that color and the bokeh from the tree! 


What the heck is bokeh,You ask?  Check out this picture of Dad, notice the blur from the lights and bulbs on the tree?  =Bokeh - by definition is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.  In photographer language, its gorgeous.  If you need to know how to say it, it's Boh-Kay!  


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The Paz Family | Maternity| Jackson, MI Area Photographer My favorite thing about doing photography is always capturing special moments for people.  Especially true when I know them personally.  Kristina and I met through work but have become good friends outside of work also.  I was happy to be able to photograph these two for their engagement session a few years ago and now their maternity session as they wait to meet their first little one, baby boy Paz.  I am so excited for these guys and cannot wait to meet their little man!

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Tylor WHS c/o 2015 | Seniors | Jackson, MI Area Photographer Tylor works for my bother at Wright Cut Lawn & Snow.   I usually let my seniors pick two locations of their choice for their sessions.  Tylor used my own yard and my brothers yard which just so happens to be kitty corner (totally off topic, did you know kitty corner was a Michigan thing!!? Else where they say things like catty corner or cater cornered, weirdos!   I sure didn't know until I moved out of the state!) across the road from my house.  His locations were very easy on me!  He happened to have also picked one of the coldest days of the year for his senior pictures before the year book deadline.  Well, if not the coldest, at least one of the few days this year that there has already been snow on the ground!  He pretended to not be freezing pretty well throughout his session. 

I hope I managed to capture some of Tylor's personality in his photos, he's pretty easy going and was willing to go along with anything I suggested for his pictures.  


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Baby Olivia 12 Days New | Newborns | Jackson, Mi Area Photographer Olivia's newborn session got pushed back a day because she wasn't having a good day the day before.  But, let me tell you right now, the next day, Olivia ROCKED her newborn session.  I mean this girl slept like a champ and went along with anything.  She's close to one of the smallest babies I've photographed so far but they always seem like such little peanuts when you don't have one at home.  That and I'm pretty used to my newborns who came into the world at 8lbs 8oz and 8lbs 12oz.  I'm excited to photograph her over the next year, before mom and dad know it she'll be crawling, walking, talking and turning one!

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Devian Fall 2014| Jackson, MI Area Photographer Devian is one of my yearly clients, I believe this is my third fall of photographing him.  He's always had quite the personality and you can tell he has NO problem being in front of the camera.  It's nice when you get a male child who is a bit of a camera hog, since so many of them want to try and pretend that they hate it!  Devian's photos also fell during one of the best weekends of the year as far as fall color was concerned, as you can see.  I just love this park!


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The Russell Family Fall 2014| Jackson, MI Area Photographer I met up with the Russell Family again for Miles' 6 month photo's and a few family shots for fall.  We also had beautiful color that day, and lucked out with the location choice.  This time went a little smoother for the family shots :) I'm pretty sure we're wearing Nolan down, someday he's going to love being in front of the camera!  And how cute is Miles in that pumpkin outfit!?!


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The Raymond Family | Jackson, MI Area Photographer I finally got my best friend and her two kids in front of my camera!  

We picked the date to be the same day as I ran my fall mini sessions.  I got very lucky in picking that date in advance because the fall color was gorgeous and the weather was pretty good for Michigan and as cold as it got the following week.  

I love that we were able to get some updated family photos for them and that we caught so much personality from the two kids.  

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The Pangle Family | Jackson, MI Area Photographer One of the great things about doing photography is catching up with people.  People I haven't seen in years, and people that I only see once a year when they schedule their sessions.  

Roianne and I went to high school together, and it's probably been since our first years in college since I'd seen her last.  (gasp!  I'm not really that old, it's only been a few years, like 12 at least.)  I caught up with her and her family last fall for family and maternity photos.  I got to meet their first son and her husband then.  This year I got to meet their new little man who was already nearly a year old already at our session!  It's just crazy how quickly time goes!

If you've never had the opportunity to try and take photos of a 1 year old who is a new walker and a busy body you should try it sometime.  Depending on their personality they probably don't sit still.  If you try to make they sit still they either quickly let you know that it's not gonna happen or they are off and running faster than you can set up for the shot.  (This is why cake smashes are great for 1 year olds cause what else besides sugar frosted sugar is going to get their attention for more than 10 seconds!!?) Their little man was no exception, he didn't have time for posed photos!  He was all go, go, go!  We had to settle for mostly poses where he was held, but we made it work.  

These guys have two adorable little boys on their hands, wouldn't you agree?


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The Mullen Family| Jackson, MI Area Photographer If you've ever had a session with me on a day where there's on and off rain you'll know that I hate to reschedule a session on a chance of it "might" rain.  Usually I'll hold off on canceling until the last hour or so before your session.  This especially holds true when you schedule your family session for a specific date because your daughter is in town from out of state.  The Mullen family had set up their session with me a few weeks prior and of course the forecast looked bad all week leading up to their date.  We got lucky and the forecast started to improve so we kept the date, then on the day of their session rain was predicted to start about an hour after their session.  GREAT!  We could still squeeze it in!  Well we made it about 35-40 minutes into an hour long session before the rain started and refused to let up.  Though we didn't make it to the part of the park that I wanted to use it was long enough to have caught some great family memories!

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Austin & Colleen Married! | Jackson, MI Area Photographer I had the honor of photographing the Matties wedding back in early September.  This time I had my friend Leslie, who is getting started in photography, along as a second shooter.  I'm pretty sure I never want to do it alone again!  A second set of "photographer eyes" is pretty amazing.  Colleen was an amazing bride to work with, mostly because not only was she easy going but she was obsessively organized, a list maker like myself.  Some people are intimidated by being handed lists for timelines of how things are 'supposed to' go, I LOVED it.  Being organized makes things so much easier.  Also, dedicating someone to be in charge of your formal family pictures is brilliant.  You know, someone to yell out to who is supposed to stick around for photos and let people know who is supposed to be in each photo.  MAJOR time saver on your wedding day.  I might be the photographer but I surely don't know if you want your sisters-husbands-sister (or whomever) in your formal photos without being told, nor do I have a clue who is or isn't a part of your family most of the time.  Formal family photos take up a huge chunk of time, and while they are important, getting them done quickly usually means more time for the bride and groom to go have their photos taken together so they aren't rushed and you aren't waiting forever at the reception for them to arrive!

Colleen got ready for her big day at the Dewey Lake Manor bed and breakfast in Brooklyn Michigan, we spent some time with her there before heading off to the Clark Lake Golf Course where they held both the ceremony and reception.  They lucked out with great weather for an outdoor ceremony after temps here in Michigan had gotten rather cold the previous days.  It was beautiful outside and noone looked like they were freezing nor did we get wet! 

Here are some of my favorites from the many images of their day.  Make sure you check out their flowers!!  (They grew their own to use for the wedding!)